I Tried Other Supplement Brands for Years & Only Double Wood Is Worth It —Here’s Why

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I’ve spent years — yes, plural — figuring out the right supplement brands for all my health goals. I wanted something to help my immune system, keep my brain sharp, support healthy aging, and improve my sleep. That’s no small list, of course, and I finally found my pot of gold with Double Wood — its supplements are scientifically proven and rigorously tested. All its supplements include just a single ingredient too so I know exactly what I’m getting, plus they’re super affordable. I love Double Wood’s supplements, so let me state the 7 main reasons why. 

1. Double Wood is science-backed

One look at Double Wood’s site, and you can instantly tell the brand has a passion for science. This makes it so much easier for me to pick the right supplements! Plus, Double Wood invests heavily in research and transparency — it third-party tests all its products and publicizes its results on each product page. With Double Wood’s supplements, I always know I’m in good hands with real and healthy results.

2. The ingredients are higher-quality

Double Wood goes above and beyond to source its supplements. Everything is made in the U.S., and all Double Wood facilities are FDA-registered. They’re also certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, so they meet quality standards and follow FDA best practices. 

3. There’s a supplement for everything

There’s really something for everyone with Double Wood. Whether you’ve been looking into magnesium for your brain health or sleep or Tongkat Ali for your libido, the supplement list is a full roster. I’ve been loving their TUDCA and NMN powder too — they’re for a healthy liver and healthy aging respectively. I have every choice within reach thanks to Double Wood.

4. Double Wood guided me to the right supplements

Although I love supplements, I’m by no means an expert, and Double Wood’s simple three-minute quiz saved me so much Googling or on-site nutritional appointments. It asked me about my age, allergies, and stress to give me the right supplement suggestions. From the get-go, these supplements made me feel better and showed me that Double Wood meets its promise when it comes to quality.

5. Double Wood only offers single-ingredient supplements

I like knowing exactly what I’m putting into my body, and with single-ingredient supplements, there’s no confusion about that. This is a major difference between Double Wood and other brands, which offer mostly multi-ingredient supplements. 

I prefer doing a customized supplement stack — a group of different single-ingredient supplements working together for my specific needs. This enhances my body’s ability to absorb each ingredient. Double Wood made it easy to figure out the most effective stack, and I feel way more in control than with my previous multi-whatever-a-day.

6. A devoted expert team behind this supplement brand

Double Wood got started by, of all things, bringing a hangover supplement to market — modern problems need modern solutions, right? In all seriousness, though, Double Wood is home to a wealth of supplement and science enthusiasts. Each one of them has a passion for health and wellness that they want to share with everyone, and I sense it in how much their supplements improve my everyday well-being.

7. Double Wood is beyond affordable

Speaking of wanting to share science: Double Wood prices its products lower than other brands precisely because accessibility to better health is core to its mission. Double Wood is where transparency meets quality meets the smarts of science, and with its supplements, I’m sleeping better, my brain fog has decreased, I feel younger, and I…just feel better. 

Shop now — there’s always a great discount on the Double Wood homepage!