This Magnesium Supplement Gave Me the Best Sleep Ever — and That’s Not All

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Real, deep sleep used to be a dream I’d chase every night. Not hitting those 8 recommended hours really messed with the rest of my day, which in turn made it even harder to get the sleep I needed. I read that magnesium would be an excellent supplement that could take care of this terrible cycle and went out to find the best kind — Double Wood’s Magnesium L-Threonate.

Out of all Double Wood’s many magnesium offerings, the Magnesium L-Threonate has been shown to support healthy sleep habits — and brain health. With my recent “brain fog,” of course I was intrigued. So I gave it a try and I’m thrilled I did.

Double Wood’s Magnesium L-Threonate improved my sleep and so much more

Let’s start with a little science first. Double Wood explains that magnesium is an essential dietary mineral, which we all need, but often don’t get enough of through diet alone. What makes Magnesium L-Threonate (Magtein) different is that, according to research, it makes its way to the brain more effectively, crossing the “brain-blood barrier.” This is then thought to help with short- and long-term memory, cognitive function, and all-elusive healthy sleep. 

For me, this little supplement was pure magic. Once I made Magnesium L-Threonate part of my everyday routine, I wasn’t having such a hard time falling asleep anymore. Better yet, I stayed asleep, too. Dare I say, I even became a morning person. I also noticed I became more relaxed in general, which made the whole day better. 

Now, for the brain health part. Not only did these supplements help me get a great night’s sleep — but they also improved my memory when I’m awake. I can also focus more easily on new tasks and definitely feel the difference in my mental well-being every day. I now consider the fog lifted. 

Double Wood’s Magnesium L-Threonate is part of my daily wellness routine

With the real improvements I’ve been noticing, I’ve felt that —and confirmed that—  the ingredients are super high quality. I take these supplements every morning with my breakfast and then again at dinner. But that’s how it works for me — according to Double Wood, you can take them with or without food. So it’s really whatever is easiest for your daily routine. 

There are two main factors I truly appreciate about Double Wood. First, all the products are third-party tested to make sure the ingredients are up to par. Double Wood also publishes those results and certifications on each of the products’ sites, so there are no secrets about what’s in them. Second, the supplements are affordable. It certainly is high-quality without the high price tag. Check out Double Wood’s full magnesium supplement line-up — you can even get an extra discount when you subscribe and save.