Get Certified + Get Paid This Summer With ISSA’s Weight Management Specialist Course

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If the last year or so made you rethink your career, you’re far from alone. Some folks have taken this opportunity to overhaul their lives with new careers that bring their side passions into their daily life. These people haven’t just reimagined their lives – they’ve entered a new, more rewarding chapter, and in the process, they’ve gained so much meaning. 

For those interested in helping people lose weight and keep it off, there’s never been a better time to pursue a career in weight management. And there’s no better way to get certified in weight management than through ISSA, the International Sports Sciences Association! As an ISSA-certified Weight Management Specialist, you can learn how to start a career in what you love at your own pace right from home. Transforming your life has never been easier!

Why Weight Management?

Everyone has different fitness goals, and for some, that goal is to lose weight. The thing is, all types of nutrition and health myths abound among athletes of all stripes. As an ISSA-certified Weight Management Specialist, you can balance actual facts (instead of fad diet myths) with your clients’ goals to help them get where they want to be.

By the end of your ISSA Weight Management program, you’ll be an expert in nutrition and the body’s weight gain and loss mechanisms. You’ll be perfectly equipped to design the best eating and lifestyle plan for each of your clients. And in making your clients so happy, you’ll find fulfillment of your own – in transforming others, you’ll be transforming yourself, too!

ISSA strength and conditioning coach

Weight Management Jobs Outlook

Becoming a Weight Management Specialist isn’t just a pipe dream – the weight management and nutrition industry is thriving! The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts massive growth and continually high salaries for Weight Management Specialists through the end of the decade. That’s why ISSA’s Weight Management Specialist course gives you what you need now to start an energizing, impactful career ASAP!

In your ISSA Weight Management program, you’ll learn how to conduct nutrition consultations, determine clients’ caloric needs, and succeed in the ever-expanding world of weight management. With what ISSA teaches you, you’ll always be ready to make a difference in your clients’ lives.


ISSA understands that everyday obligations, and particularly financial obligations, can be major roadblocks to the transformation you want and deserve. That’s why ISSA makes its fully online Weight Management course available to you at any time of day (or night). And ISSA asks for $0 to get started – no administrative fees, no credit checks – and is happy to arrange payment plans so you can empower yourself at the pace that works best for your budget.

ISSA’s Weight Management course includes downloadable and online textbooks and videos. When you reach your accredited final exam, you can take it untimed and open-book too! And once you’re officially a Weight Management Specialist, ISSA gives you a free website to start your own business

If you’re still struggling to find work after your course, ISSA will make it up to you. If your Weight Management Specialist certification doesn’t lead to work within six months, ISSA will fully refund you for your course. ISSA makes improving your life supremely easy – just visit ISSA’s website for access and get started today!

Get Started

As an ISSA-certified Weight Management Specialist, you can embark on a new, more meaningful path entirely at your own pace. You’ll never have to leave home to learn how to infuse your daily life with your passion for weight management. And once you’re certified, career success in what you love is near-certain. Your first step on this path is to get access to ISSA’s program. So why wait any longer? Simply click here to enroll and begin your journey toward a life full of passion and meaning!

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