7 Reasons Why Busy People Need Chefs Plate

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Chances are that you love interesting, flavorful, and creative dinners, but that doesn’t mean you look forward to cooking those meals. If you often come home from work exhausted or just don’t have time to cook, preparing dinner can even feel stressful. That said, it’s not like constantly getting takeout or delivery is especially wallet-friendly, and if you commit to making your own dinners from scratch, finding the time for grocery store runs can also be draining.

With Chefs Plate, dinner becomes a simple, scrumptious affair that costs less money than delivery and takes far less time than supermarket shopping. Chefs Plate also handles much of your food prep in advance so you spend less time in the kitchen turning ingredients into delightful meals. Here’s why Chefs Plate is the ultimate meal kit delivery service for people who love dinner as much as they love saving money and time.

1. Chefs Plate gets dinner done quickly and easily

After a jam-packed day spent working, do you really want to take more time to prepare a feast worthy of ending your long day? With Chefs Plate, your dinner will be as quick and easy as it is delicious. Each of your two to four weekly meals includes pre-packaged ingredients, provides thorough but simple instructions, uses straightforward cooking techniques, and requires only equipment you already have in your kitchen.

2. Chefs Plate saves you time

It’s not just that Chefs Plate dinners include pre-packaged, pre-portioned ingredients. Chefs Plate meals also take just 15 to 30 minutes to prepare! Chefs Plate’s Turkey Enchilada recipe, for example, requires just half an hour to transform the raw ingredients into a yummy, nutritious dinner. Plus, you don’t have to go to the grocery store for any of it.

3. Chefs Plate delivers everything you need right to your door

Hate grocery shopping? Chefs Plate ships all your meal ingredients and instructions directly to your doorstep in fully recyclable packaging that keeps everything fresh and safe to eat. Goodbye supermarkets, hello free time!

4. Chefs Plate is stress-free

Speaking of free time, Chefs Plate seriously reduces the amount of prep time it takes to make dinner. With pre-portioned ingredients, easy step-by-step instructions, and quick recipes, Chefs Plate expedites making dinners for your busy week. It’s not just making the meals that’s easy – skipping a week or canceling your subscription takes merely a few clicks too. If you never thought meal prep could be not just easy, but fun, Chefs Plate will prove you wrong.

5. Chefs Plate saves you money

With Chefs Plate, you can enjoy delicious, filling, healthy dinners starting at just $4.50 if you sign up today! That’s a steal compared to takeout or delivery, not to mention a restaurant meal with a friend or colleague after work. And since time is money, an affordable dinner that’s as scrumptious as it is simple cuts costs across the board. 

6. Chefs Plate helps you discover new flavors and cooking skills

Chefs Plate introduces you to new flavors and cooking skills you can use when you’ve got a bit more time to make dinner, whether on a day off or just an unusually quiet weeknight. After a few weeks with Chefs Plate, you’ll quickly forget your boring beans and rice dinner, as you explore the new spices, herbs, and flavor combinations brought to you in a single box.

7. Chefs Plate has a special offer for you

You’re in luck! Chefs Plate is offering PeopleHype readers 6 free meals if they sign up today! Use the code CUMIN1SIXFM at checkout after selecting your first Chefs Plate box. In just a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to the fastest, tastiest, easiest dinners around!

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