I Added Capital One Shopping to My Browser and I’m Saving SO Much

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Like many people, I love the convenience of online shopping, but one thing about it used to drive me crazy. How could I get the best deal when comparing different websites’ prices was so tedious? I was tired of bouncing between tabs scouring for bargains, but I knew that buying the more expensive item each time would eventually add up. Not to mention, most of the coupon codes I looked for online were expired or simply didn’t work by the time I found them. I wondered, would there ever be an easy, quick way to compare prices?

Thanks to the Capital One Shopping browser extension, the answer is yes. Anytime I’m visiting Amazon, Target or Best Buy, Capital One Shopping price-compares for me across thousands of websites. It then shows me incredible savings when a better bargain is available and fully details the offer, including tax and shipping. Capital One Shopping helps me save big bucks, whether I’m looking for something I can’t live without or getting myself something special!

Capital One Shopping is with me for the long haul, too. Over time, I earn Capital One Shopping Rewards that I can redeem as gift cards for future online shopping sprees. I also love the other way Capital One Shopping saves me money in the long run: It alerts me when prices drop on items I’ve previously viewed or bought. Capital One Shopping has me covered now and later.

My very favorite Capital One Shopping feature comes up whenever I’m checking out on a big-name website. As I’m about to place my order, a friendly little Capital One Shopping pop-up gives me the option to test several coupon codes. If any of these codes is valid for my order, Capital One Shopping immediately applies it and saves me money. If I added up all the savings these codes have gotten me, I’m sure the total would be huge.

Did I mention that Capital One Shopping is 100% free? That’s why many people like me use it and – get this – have saved $160 million in the last year. Plus, it just makes shopping easier: I can’t remember the last time I had a ton of browser tabs open as I tried to find the best available price. You too can enjoy potentially huge savings in seconds whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. Just add the Capital One Shopping browser extension to start saving now!

Capital One Shopping compensates us when you get the browser extension using the links we provided.

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