Yes, Custom Furniture Is Affordable – Here’s How I Did It

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Editor’s Note: For a limited time, Inside Weather is offering up to 20% off sitewide with code NEWYEAR. Plus, get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $1500! An HGTV-style dream home furniture setup is only a few clicks away.

Recently, I checked a major item off my bucket list: I bought a house right before I turned 30! With all the difficulties in locating and closing on my first home, I was surprised to discover that finding the right furniture was one of the hardest parts! Nothing from either the big-name furniture brands or the smaller local shops fit my very particular vision for my first home. However, making custom furniture seemed like a non starter – there was no way I had the money to buy a home full of personalized pieces. I was convinced I’d have to settle for tacky but budget-friendly furniture until my coworker told me that, without a huge spend, Inside Weather designed and customized her stunning dining table from scratch.

I immediately checked out Inside Weather and quickly noticed how easy the process would be. Before getting started on that, though, I did some snooping to figure out why Inside Weather was so much more affordable. It turns out they cut out all the middlemen typically involved with both custom and non-custom furniture, which means I save and I get what I want.

Additionally, since Inside Weather customizes all its furniture, it doesn’t need to buy extra materials, further lowering its costs (not to mention its carbon footprint). Plus, the company is so confident that customers like me would be satisfied with their products that they offer a 365-day guarantee on all purchases. Their confidence made me feel confident, so I dove in.

To start, I went to Inside Weather’s website and chose the appropriate furniture piece categories. I then chose the right size and color and got to go through a huge selection of upholstery, materials, configuration, shapes, and so much more. Every little switch took just one click, so I seamlessly got as close as possible to my vision.

Of course, I was furnishing a whole house, not just buying a loveseat, so I quickly realized I couldn’t do it alone. To help me out, Inside Weather connected me with a professional designer right from its homepage. Working alongside this designer felt like an advanced version of a typical customer service experience. I wasn’t just being assisted – I was being guided. My designer listened to my goals, figured out how to act on them, and then did exactly that. He was the difference between an ordinary couch and one with four button tufts per memory foam pillow.

I emerged with a full home furniture set that was levels above the options I would have settled for in stores. Every shape felt right, and every color was exactly the right fit. I got to choose materials, upholstery, and padding that I knew would keep me comfy. That last bit is huge: I was truly never sure with the big-name brands and local stores whether I’d at least get comfort alongside the imperfect designs. With Inside Weather, my designer explained how the materials would lead to comfort, and then, once I got all my pieces, I felt how right he was.

And wow did I get my furniture quickly! My other homeowner friends all told me they often waited weeks or even months for regular (as in, not customized) furniture to arrive. Mine, though, came in not even two weeks. And that was after the simplest online checkout process – after my designer and I finished everything up, all my furniture pieces went right into my online cart. After that, checkout took just a few clicks. For custom, that literally can’t be beat!

When my furniture arrived, I instantly knew I’d never need to act on that year-long guarantee. My custom pieces would fit my home year-round – they were even more gorgeous than the already beautiful mockups my designer showed me. I had finally found furniture that actually worked for my new home, all without settling for designs that missed the mark or spending exorbitant amounts on other custom furniture brands. 

I’m actually thinking about using Inside Weather again to add a sideboard for my bedroom, and I’m fully confident they’ll help me achieve whatever design I want. Plus, now’s the best time to shop Inside Weather — Save up to 20% sitewide with code NEWYEAR. Plus, get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $1500! So why wait any longer? Your dream home is within reach.

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