Here’s Why I Cancelled My Chewy Subscription And Switched to Spot & Tango

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This past year, I checked off a big bucket-list item and adopted a dog. My golden retriever Winston loves going on long walks, chasing rabbits in our yard, and behaving his absolute best for anyone who gives him a treat. When I first adopted him, I wasn’t 100% sure of the best place to buy his food, which treats would be best for him, and whether I was feeding him the right amount. Since my sister-in-law buys her pet supplies from Chewy, I started there, but I realized pretty quickly that they didn’t carry the food Winston needed.

You see, much like humans, dogs need to eat right and exercise to live long. Sounds easy, right? Nope. I looked through countless dog food options and saw ingredients that didn’t sound natural, which is never a good sign. I also saw fillers like corn and wheat that aren’t healthy for pets. I knew I needed to find a high-quality dog food brand that prioritizes healthy pups, and Spot & Tango proved the winner.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Is there really that big of a difference between dog foods? Yes, there is — and it’s all in the label. Spot & Tango is made with 100% fresh, human-grade ingredients, formulated for the perfect balance of protein, fiber, and fats. The company offers both wet and dry recipes so you can give your pup the best of both worlds. Each recipe, formulated by veterinary nutritionists, contains a protein like turkey or duck in combination with vegetables, red quinoa, and other good-for-you ingredients. In fact, Spot & Tango only uses 12 natural ingredients across the board, each one given the green light by a vet.

To get started, I took Spot & Tango’s dog quiz, and then Spot & Tango offered me different food options for Winston and a suggested calorie amount. Even the “fresh dry” Unkibble is customized just for Winston’s needs. Now, his wet and dry meals arrive automatically every two weeks in pre-proportioned, vacuum-sealed pouches that keep his food fresh. Plus, I can pause deliveries at any time if needed.

But what if Winston didn’t like his new food? It’s a real concern — you’d be surprised how picky a dog can be! A big reason I first chose Spot & Tango is its 100% money-back guarantee and flexible cancellation policy. Not that I needed it — Winston gobbles up his meals so fast that it leaves no question that he’s enjoying the new food! After watching him thoroughly enjoy every flavor combo I bought, it was clear that we were Spot & Tango lifers.

I’ve been using Spot & Tango for a few months now, and I don’t see myself giving it up any time soon. Winston is beyond satisfied with his meals (he scarfes down the Beef & Barley dry food like nobody’s business), and he’s acting more energetic and full of life every day. You can easily make the switch for your dog too! Just visit Spot & Tango now for 50% off your first order with code PEOPLEHYPE50. Now, giving your best friend the long life you know he deserves is both easy and affordable. 

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