Why Furniture Takes So Long to Build and Arrive – and How Inside Weather Solved the Problem

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(SPOILER ALERT!: They are Made in the USA!)

Think about the last time you ordered a big piece of furniture online. Maybe you saw a couch you didn’t love but did like enough to buy, and you really would’ve bought it if not for the 16-week wait for delivery. Such long waits are not uncommon with online furniture shopping, but they’ve become even more abundant lately as gaps in the supply chain, battered by the COVID-19 pandemic, have become more pronounced. 

There are so many opportunities for things to go wrong:

  • Delays with overseas manufacturing and importing
  • Lengthy shutdowns in international manufacturing
  • Delivery taking 12-18 months

Of course, this entire situation is far from optimal, both for furniture manufacturers and for shoppers like yourself. So when the American custom furniture brand Inside Weather promises furniture delivery in just days – and then actually follows through on that promise – it’s a sure sign to pay attention.

Furniture arrives at your doorstep in days

Unlike other furniture brands, Inside Weather doesn’t manufacture overseas and ship items into the U.S. from across the ocean, a journey that can take at least a month on its own. Instead, its entire manufacturing process starts and ends in its Bay Area warehouse. There are no middlemen, international or domestic, that delay or otherwise affect the process. Additionally, Inside Weather’s process only starts once a customer has placed an order. As a result, Inside Weather has full control over the process and its timeline.

That last bit is especially important: Full timeline control. Inside Weather doesn’t spend its days pumping out thousands of units of the same furniture piece. Only the exact pieces that customers order are built, entirely in-house. All its pieces are customized to customers’ exact specifications – they’re one-of-a-kind in the truest sense. Plus, since they’re made in the Bay Area, they don’t face lengthy delays due to overseas production and importing.

Eliminating these processes and the middlemen controlling them also lowers costs, making Inside Weather a uniquely accessible custom furniture brand. Also contributing to lower prices: Inside Weather doesn’t need to roll the costs associated with excess inventory into its price tags. 

Affordable and sustainable pieces are designed by you

Inside Weather’s lower price points and efficient, rapid process go hand in hand with its mission. On its website, the brand explains that it “believes that shopping for furniture should be modern, personal and accessible.” Shortened wait times for custom furniture at lower price tags might just be the very definition of personal and accessible.

In interviews, Inside Weather’s brightest minds have expounded meaningfully on this mission. “[W]e started Inside Weather because there was not enough room for choice when it came to shopping for furniture at this price point,” CEO Ben Parsa told Domino in 2018. Head of merchandising Jessica Sutton added, “Our products, and the options that go along with them, are versatile enough to create something that will fit seamlessly into any design style.”

An interview with Brit in 2019 shed even more light on Inside Weather’s recipe for success. “The impetus behind creating Inside Weather was to solve the major pain points we saw with buying furniture today,” Parsa said. Those pain points, of course, include the lengthy delivery times often associated with ordering furniture online. They also include another three changes to the furniture ordering process that Inside Weather brings to the table.

Free in-house designers help bring your vision to life

For starters, Inside Weather offers free styling tips and consultations to customers as they design their own furniture pieces from scratch. Customers can reach the in-house designers offering this expertise via text or Instagram, an unusually convenient way of seeing one’s design vision to fruition. Only once this design is complete does Inside Weather begin assembling the furniture piece, so its processes produce no waste at all. That means no inventory, no unused furniture and textiles, and no contributions to landfill as is common with other furniture brands.

Once Inside Weather finishes assembly, it immediately ships its furniture to customers, who receive them in just days. The speed of the whole process is simply unmatched among other brands. So too is the short amount of time customers will need to finalize assembly at home. All Inside Weather furniture comes with instructions through which customers can easily do the job in under 10 minutes. With Inside Weather, speed is the name of the game, and most importantly, that efficiency never comes at the cost of quality.

Inside Weather is solving furniture industry supply chain problems and getting furniture to customers way faster, all while delivering easy-to-assemble pieces that customers design themselves. And it’s doing this all without generating landfill or charging exorbitant prices to cover middlemen costs. It’s a modern model with a personal touch made accessible to anyone, exactly as Inside Weather’s mission statement says. Nothing can get in its way. 

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