7 Reasons Why I Ditched The Grocery Store Coffee Aisle For Atlas Coffee

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Are you tired of starting your days with bland grocery-store coffee instead of flavorful beans from around the world? That was me until recently. I love exploring bold, rich coffee experiences, but I simply couldn’t get them at my local grocery store. That’s how I found Atlas Coffee Club, an online monthly subscription box that sends me unique brews from countries that I didn’t even know were famous for their coffee! Here’s why I ditched the grocery store and made the switch to Atlas.

1. Atlas provides top-quality, specialty grade coffee 

Atlas Coffee Club cares about quality, which is why they only source specialty-grade coffees.  And “specialty grade” isn’t just a buzz word — it’s the top 2% of all coffee produced in the world! Each coffee bean is hand-picked at peak ripeness, all but guaranteeing me (and you!) the richest, most flavorful brew. And trust me – I taste the difference! 

2. You can try coffee from all over the world (that you can’t find elsewhere)

Whereas your local grocery store coffee likely comes from only a handful of countries (or maybe they don’t tell you where it comes from at all), Atlas Coffee Club offers brews from more than 50 countries! That includes Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, El Salvador, Uganda, and so many more. Even better, coffee from each country actually tastes different (if you’re brewing the good stuff), so you get a brand new experience with each coffee. My subscription feels like traveling to all these places without leaving home!

3. Atlas is competitively priced

It’s understandable if you’d guess that a “coffee world tour” just has to be expensive, but this is the most affordable world tour you’re going to find. My coffee club subscription is so reasonably priced – I get to try a new coffee from a new country each month for just about $0.50 per cup! That’s nearly the price of the whipped cream alone on your chain-name latte. 

4. Atlas delivers right to your door, on your schedule

With Atlas, all my coffee is roasted to order, meaning it always arrives supremely fresh and aromatic. It also means I don’t have to wait weeks on end to enjoy my coffee. Gone are my days of bland, stale, seemingly expired coffee! And I never have to worry about running out — I can customize my schedule to be sure my coffee arrives right on time.

5. You can customize your preferences 

When I started with Atlas, I got to choose the type of coffee roast and grounds that I liked the most. I also had full say over the number of bags I’d get and how often my delivery would come. You’ll only drink – and pay for – the precise amount of coffee you want. No more, no less! Plus, you can change your preferences at any time — want to try out dark roast? Need 3 bags this month? You got it.

6. There are fun surprises in each subscription box

As an Atlas subscriber, every four weeks I get more than just a double bag of coffee from a different country. I also get a picturesque postcard from the country and a card that describes some fascinating history and facts about the coffee I’m about to try. It all comes with a beautiful bag design inspired by the country, which really helps you feel connected to the place your coffee comes from.

7. Atlas offers both regular and decaf coffees

If you’re not a fan of caffeine (I can’t relate!), your options are usually very limited. But if you want to try out new decaf coffees from around the world, Atlas Coffee Club has you covered. Unlike so many other brands, Atlas offers high quality, specialty grade decaf! You can still enjoy delicious coffees from around the world without all that extra caffeine. It’s just another way that Atlas helps you discover the world’s best coffee, on exactly your own terms.

Bonus — maybe the best way that Atlas seamlessly connects you with coffee: Affordable prices, now even lower for a limited time. Try the club today to get 50% off your first bag if you use the code COFFEE50 at checkout! You too can feel like you’re on a tropical getaway as you sip your morning cup of joe, all from the comforts of home. 

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