The Ultimate Guide to Fall-Themed Parties

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As the summer weather eases up and the leaves begin changing color, the mood gets mellower but no less celebratory. Autumn provides a distinctive thematic perspective with its unique holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, not to mention its one-of-a-kind natural color schemes. Take advantage of these things and more with this ultimate guide to fall-themed parties.

Fall festival

A late autumn cookout with family and friends can be the perfect sentimental reunion to commemorate another year of lessons and accomplishments. A miniature fancy beer-filled festival at the park requires little more than a blazing grill complete with barbeque and burgers, a bonfire with smores, and a projector for football games or movies. Stimulate conversation and make great memories by bringing sports equipment to get active or board games to set up on tables.

Have attendees collect pieces of nature from the area around you and use these little artifacts at an autumn art activities table. Use paper, markers, and glue to turn leaves and acorns into expressive masterpieces. Complete the scene with sleeping bags and folding chairs for a family-friendly fall festival. Keep the bonfire going past sundown for conversation and hot chocolate.

Pumpkin party

A cutesy night at home with pumpkins and gourds as decorations and ingredients for baking can set the tone for the chilly fall season. But with so many delectable pumpkin recipes and so little time, you need to enjoy as much as you can. Plus, a pumpkin party is the perfect occasion for campier autumn activities like making candied caramel apples, carving jack-o-lanterns, and baking pumpkin pies.

From the essential pumpkin spice latte to the more exotic pumpkin martini, recipes incorporating pumpkins and other fall yields are everywhere around the autumn equinox. Ask guests to bring their favorite fall time dishes to create a DIY buffet

Ladies night

Get the girls together for a spa session and costume party at home. Get your nails done, then get in character. Break out the speakers and projector for scary movies, nostalgia night, or music and karaoke. Try party games like freeze dance or a group dance battle. Nothing beats a Halloween dance party! Special prizes for different category winners will bring out the real ghoul in your girls.

Make the most of the spooky season by eating healthy snacks and freshly available seasonal produce. This get-together could be the celebration of the year if you add a flavorful wine. Wineries usually have niche styles of wine available in the fall. 

Alcoholic popsicles and healthy fall harvest finger foods can set a sophisticated yet laid-back vibe. Ask everyone to bring their favorite snacks to create an impromptu snack bar. Designate a few party-goers as snack servers, with everyone using clean utensils and plates for safety and cleanliness.

How do you throw your fall-themed gatherings? Share your tips in the comments!

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