How to Plan a Party on the Cheap

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Spending time with friends and loved ones is vital to our emotional and psychological health, but getting together can be costly. Instead of overspending on a big party to gather everyone together, you can easily plan a party on the cheap. Here’s how to throw a party without breaking the bank.

Who’s invited?

What’s a party without your favorite people in attendance? Plan a mass email, text, or social media event page as the official invitation to your get-together. Let your guests know what you’ll be providing and when to be there.

Consider a potluck

It’s easy to spend less when your friends have your back. Tell people to bring food and drinks to your gathering. This way, you won’t have to worry about spending money to provide people with their favorite refreshments or food. 

When you have a potluck, people can bring their favorite dishes or snacks with them to share with others. Encourage everyone to bring cheap but filling crowd-pleasers that will satiate your guests’ appetites. Make the big main course yourself if you’re starting your shindig in the afternoon or early evening, then let others supply the appetizers, sides, snacks, and desserts.

Set up appropriately

Arrange your furniture in ways conducive to socializing. Set up couches, tables, and chairs in ways that naturally gather people in pockets for friendly conversation. Warm lighting and comfortable seating will help create a relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests. 

Next, effortlessly set the vibe with your music selection. Music at a party helps people focus more closely on the conversation they’re having while drowning out people speaking just a few feet away. Ensure the sound system is in a place where it can be heard and accessed easily. Designate a trusted person as your DJ for the night, or collaborate with attendees beforehand to create a playlist.

Put together a party fund

If you’re planning an event, start saving a few months in advance. You can still budget carefully and avoid overspending, but saving money will lessen the financial blow. Try asking close friends or family looking forward to your get-together to pitch in, or try organizing a fundraiser. There’s no need to be humble; preparing a social affair can be a big responsibility. Accept people’s offers graciously and focus on planning your house party.

Supply the drinks

If there’s a drink you know most people in your company enjoy, make it the signature drink for the evening. Find the ingredients you need and pick up plenty. Encourage friends to bring their favorite fair to modestly priced alcoholic beverages. If you have a true saint in your midst, someone can even volunteer as the designated driver for the night so that everyone returns home safely.

Decide the right date and time

Perhaps the most pressing issue when it comes to throwing a party is when to schedule it. If you’re celebrating a holiday or birthday, then you have your work cut out for you. If not, try to aim for the Friday or Monday of a three-day weekend. You want everyone to wind down and enjoy themselves, and a long weekend away from work is the perfect opportunity.

How do you party for cheap? Sound off in the comments!

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