How to Find the Right Makeup for Your Skin

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If you’ve bought a foundation without getting a makeup consultation, your purchase could be a hit or miss. Depending on where you live, finding the right shade can be an even more challenging task if you have a deeper skin tone. Luckily, there are some simple tips that can make finding the right makeup easy. Below, learn how to find the right makeup for your skin tone.

Shop according to your skin’s undertone

Many people buy makeup according to their skin tone but don’t take their skin’s undertone into consideration. If you don’t know the difference, your skin tone is the color of your skin’s surface. On the other hand, your skin’s underlying color tint and your undertone won’t change even after getting a tan. 

Your skin can have one of three common undertones: warm, cool, or neutral. Your skin has a warm undertone if you have a golden, yellowish, or peachy complexion. If you have green veins, you may also have a warm undertone. Your skin has a cool undertone if your skin has red, pink, or blueish tinges. Additionally, people with cool undertones have blue or purple veins. If you see a mixture of warm and cool undertones, your undertone is neutral.

Another trick some people use to determine their undertone is based on the colors they like. Some people feel more comfortable wearing gold, and some prefer silver. If you feel more comfortable wearing gold, your undertone may be warm. If you like wearing silver more, your undertone may be cool. If you like both gold and silver on your skin, you may have a neutral undertone.

Buy makeup with your skin type in mind

Different skin types need different products, so you should buy makeup with your skin type in mind. If your skin tone is lighter, it’s best to use makeup with a higher level of SPF. If you have a darker skin tone, use makeup that won’t irritate your skin and cause hyperpigmentation. No matter what, prioritize UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Keep your skin as smooth as possible by always wearing sunscreen when you’re exposed to the sun.

Avoid certain makeup ingredients

There are many ingredients you should avoid if you want to have healthy, glowing skin. It’s becoming common knowledge to avoid sulfates and parabens, but there are other ingredients to watch out for too. 

Phthalates can be found in scented lip balms and products that have fragrances, and they can alter the way your hormones react. Another harmful ingredient is quaternium-15, a formaldehyde-releasing ingredient that’s classified as a carcinogen. 

If you have sensitive skin, you might also wonder what you can do to keep your skin free of irritation. If your skin gets irritated by certain products, your skin may be reacting to fragrances. To avoid this reaction, always buy fragrance-free makeup. One healthy and mindful tip you should keep in mind while you’re buying makeup: Buy from brands that use a plethora of safe, natural ingredients in their products. 

Have you used any of these tips while shopping for makeup? Have you had difficulties buying the right makeup for your skin tone? Sound off in the comments!

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