Time saving makeup tips easy enough for anyone to follow

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When it comes to makeup there is a lot of what you can do with your standard collection. This is especially true if you use some of the tips and tricks that we’ll be sharing with you. Through these tips, you’ll realize that makeup can be used for all sorts of things.

Take for example a primer. Whether the primer is oil or water based, primer should complement the foundation that you use as well. If they don’t you’ll find both of them repelling one another making it harder to blend anything together. Other hacks for primer are that it can make Crow’s Feet disappear when you apply primer around your eyes, and can even be used to smooth over an almost-healed blemish.

We mentioned foundation, but there is more to it than just it matching the primer. You’re probably aware of the tactic to use a finger for sheer coverage and a foundation brush for full coverage, however, foundation can also help in helping mask peach fuzz. This trick is simple, apply your foundation by only using downward strokes. The reason is that a lot of women have thin layers of hair all over their face and upward strokes will force the hairs to stand out.

If you’re someone who uses concealer, some tricks to consider is when applying it create triangular shapes instead of the semi-circular pattern. With triangular shapes, particularly when you extend beneath your eyes to where the nose ends, you’ll do a much better job at concealing bags or puffiness but also make it a lot easier to blend too. It also makes for a nice contouring look for the sides of your nose.

Face powder, and knowing what kind to use when is another way to hack your makeup routine. For one, they don’t tell you this but there are actually two types of face powder. One’s loose powder and the other is pressed powder. They both look basically the same which is why you need to know which is which, especially when applying it. Loose powder will set the makeup in place making it last longer. You want to be using translucent face powder if you want to not disturb the color of both foundation and concealer. 

Pressed powder is a nice option if you don’t want to wear a full face of foundation, but want a little coverage and oil absorption. It’s also super useful for touch-ups while you’re out and about. Lastly, regardless of what face powder you use, make sure that you have the fluffiest brush that you have available if you want the best results.

The final set of tips we want to share are for blush. First, consider applying blush under your foundation. This tactic is a clever way of reversing application order and you can get some amazing results from it. By applying blush first, it’ll look more like a natural glow from within. Something else to consider when blotting blush is to use some tissue paper rather than using a powder. All you have to do is press it lightly over the blush right after you apply it and finish it off with a makeup sponge or beauty blender.

There are many ways to applying makeup than you might think. Have you tried these tricks before? Let us know in the comments below!


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