These simple hacks will save you money and time

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We all know it’s the little things in life that we enjoy and with these particular hacks, you can enjoy your life a little bit more. These are general life hacks that can enhance your experience of life and don’t take long to apply.

If you’re a big fan of roses, you likely get a little bummed after your roses start to wilt, and inevitably die. This simple hack can allow them to actually grow. This tactic is as simple as pushing the bottom ends of the cuttings into small potatoes. The reason this works is that potatoes have a lot of nutrients and moisture that roses need in order to grow. Potatoes provide soil, more or less, for these roses to grow roots.

We all know shoes aren’t the greatest protection against the rain. They can get soggy very quickly, but there is a way for you to make them waterproof. All you need is beeswax and a blow dryer. First spread the beeswax over your shoes and then melt it down with the dryer until you can’t see any of the wax.

On the topic of shoes we also know the pain of bad-smelling shoes. One quick remedy for that is putting a few dry tea bags in each shoe. The tea bag will filter any kind of smell. If your shoes are wet you can get away with a mixture of tea bags, rice, and baking soda. Leave the mixture in your shoes for a few days to see the effects.

If you are looking to start a fire and you don’t have any fire starters, another good alternative is potato chips. They tasty for sure, but chips have potato in it but also fats and oils that we know can conduct fire.

If you’ve lost something small and can’t seem to find it for the life of you, one quick hack is to use the hose on your vacuum cleaner. As we know it can suck up tiny items, so if you cover up the end with a stocking or a thin cloth, you can find what you’ve lost very easily.

If you have a lot of clothing with buttons on them, you know that popping buttons can be a bit of a pain. There’s a simple way of fixing that though and that’s by applying clear nail polish over the threads. This will keep buttons in place.

Another great hack is amplifying the speakers on your phone if you have trouble hearing someone. To boost the volume without upping the volume is putting your phone in an empty drinking glass or bowl. The sound reverberating from the material will amplify the sound.

Planning to go to the beach? Chances are you’ll be bringing a cooler with you. One great hack for your cooler is to make ice last longer and therefore beverages cooler is to sprinkle a bit of salt onto the ice. The salt is going to allow the ice to stick around for significantly longer.

Oranges are actually a great source for a number of hacks. For one, rubbing oranges over your body will help in clearing up any body odor that you may have if you forgot deodorant. On top of that, the peelings of oranges can make for great candles. You can use lemon peelings as well but cutting an orange into a makeshift candle can make for a nice smelling place. Learn the steps for that here.

There are many tricks out there to make your life easier. Have you heard about these tactics or tried them before? What are your experiences with them?


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