Here’s Why I Ditched Big Coffee Brands For Atlas Coffee Club

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I, like so many other people, live on coffee. But I don’t just love it for the extra bolt of energy I need to get up each morning – I’m intrigued by the different flavors and aromas from different coffees around the world. I first discovered this on a trip to Ecuador — lemme tell you, this coffee was unlike any coffee I’d tried before, complex like wine with a slight natural sweetness. It was delicious, and I was hooked. But it’s not like I can spend money traveling every year just to get better coffee. I wanted to try as many new experiences as possible without breaking the bank. That was proving a seemingly impossible proposition until I discovered Atlas Coffee Club.

Atlas Coffee Club delivers high-quality, specialty-grade coffee from around the world right to my door! Each shipment includes a half, single, or double bag of single-origin coffee, and each coffee is roasted to order, so the coffee you’re trying is never stale or bland. Each bag comes with a postcard that helps you connect to the country of origin with a brief history and facts about that brew, tasting notes, and brewing tips for each batch. To round out the experience, the beautifully designed coffee bag it comes with is inspired by the local culture. And even better, my subscription is completely customizable! I have full control over my roast preference, grind type, and how often I receive coffee deliveries. 

While most coffee brands source their beans from a handful of countries (Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia are the most popular), Atlas Coffee Club brings in super rare coffees from all around the world. They source coffee from more than 50 countries whose beans you simply can’t find elsewhere! That includes Ecuador, India, Zambia, China, and so many more.

If shipping coffee around the world sounds like it could get insanely expensive, I feel you. I was worried about that too, but with the Atlas subscription box, a cup of coffee comes out to roughly $0.50 per cup. That’s much more affordable than your everyday chain-name coffee run. I can’t even begin to tell you how much money I’ve saved – not spent, saved – switching to Atlas’ superior international coffee. 

These days, I start all my mornings with rich, flavorful coffee from all over the world, and it makes such a difference in how my days go. I typically get a single bag of light or medium roast grounds, and whenever my new monthly box arrives, it’s a highlight of my day (and really, my whole week). It’s so fun to see where my “coffee journey” will take me next, and each coffee really does taste unique (and, yes, delicious). If you love all things coffee or travel (or both), Atlas Coffee Club is a must-have. 

It’s also a must-have now more than ever. You see, for a limited time, Atlas Coffee Club is offering 50% off your first bag if you use the code COFFEE50 at checkout! You too can discover coffees you can’t find on the shelves and feel immersed in another culture, all from the comfort of your own home, with just a few affordable bags of your favorite morning brew. 

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