Transparency and Convenience Are Key to Financial Health. Personal Capital Delivers Both.

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Once most people hit their late twenties, they should start thinking more consciously about investing for retirement. The problem is, investment tools can be costly or clunky. But with Personal Capital, users get all the necessary tools to track their net worth and accounts under one roof, and they get it all for free.

With Personal Capital, users no longer have to jump between every investment and banking platform to square up their finances. That’s because Personal Capital aggregates their accounts into one dashboard and offers tools for net worth, retirement planning, and fee analysis all in one platform. This suite of tools offers users an easier way to understand their financial situation and plan out their future. The free analysis tool is of special note – few platforms clearly indicate how much investors lose to fees.

Personal Capital protects every user’s data with robust security measures. These measures include encryption technology that the world-renowned Qualys SSL Labs has rated “A+.” They also include a private bug bounty that closes any potential backdoors to customer data before they can be opened.

When Personal Capital users visit its website to log in and use their free financial tools, they’ll also see Personal Capital’s most recent blogs. These blogs are filled with free guidance that can help users make the most of their tools. This way, when they look at the figures their tools show, they can better understand and act upon them. The result is smarter, sounder financial planning.

With Personal Capital’s free, easy-to-use tools, users won’t have to second-guess their financial decisions. If you’re ready to take control of your personal finances, there couldn’t be a better time to start. Sign up now to receive all Personal Capital’s free tools and start properly tracking your finances today.

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