Struggling to Get Outside? How to Leave Home During the Winter

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Whether you’ve been avoiding COVID-19 or just avoiding the cold, it can be easy to spend an unhealthy amount of time indoors by yourself in the winter. It’s good for your mental and physical health to spend some time outside, but when it’s cold or snowy, it can be hard to know how to get out. Read on below for some great ideas!

Go for a winter hike or run

Cold weather can be a great time to hike or run and helps keep your body cooler where usually you’d be quickly breaking a sweat. Ice can be slippery and make your winter hike or run a falling hazard, so make sure you wear shoes with plenty of grip and watch your step.

If you don’t like exercising alone, try joining a local running club or signing up for a 5k to be part of a community of other people who enjoy being active. For something less competitive, reach out to a friend to go on a walk with you. You don’t need a well-planned day out to enjoy the cold weather.

Take a trip to somewhere warm

If you don’t like being out in the snow and the cold, try planning a day trip to somewhere warmer! Take a look at the weather charts around you, and you might be able to plan a fun getaway with only a few hours of driving.

Places like caves and hot springs are great options, as they tend to maintain their temperature year-round, even when the surrounding areas are cold. This way, you can step back from the cold weather for a bit, bask in the sunlight, and recuperate in the middle of winter.

Have a fire

Having a fire and outdoor cookout can be even more enjoyable when it’s cold out, so invite some friends or family over for the fun! Go for a full-on bonfire for maximum warmth if you have a large yard or some property in the country, or even buy a gas or coal fire pit for your deck for the same amount of fun in a smaller space. You can even break out some of your favorite summertime cookout recipes and just pretend it’s warmer!

Dress in layers

Whatever you’re doing outside, it’s important to be safe. Being underdressed in the cold can be dangerous and lead to sickness if it’s for an extended period of time, so make sure you dress in layers to keep yourself warm. A few layers of increasing thickness are better than one thick coat, so you can shed layers to stay comfortable if you’re being active and warming up.

Embrace the cold!

Winter doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable time. With a little creativity, it can be something to look forward to! If you have snow, go sledding or make a snowman for some great childhood nostalgia. After your venture outside, curl up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate to watch a good movie, and you’ve got yourself the perfect winter day!

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