8 Great Feb 2022 Arrivals on Netflix and Hulu

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Between COVID and the record-low temperatures this winter, most people are spending a little more time indoors, which makes now a perfect time to binge-watch that next TV show. Read on below for this month’s best new offerings from streaming giants Netflix and Hulu.



Netflix’s new improv comedy show follows detective Terry Seattle, played by Will Arnett, as he teams up with different celebrity guests playing “rookie detectives” to investigate a series of murders. Based on the BBC series Murder in Successville, this one is sure to be a lot of laughs.

Catching Killers (Season 2)

For fans of true crime shows, season two of the Netflix original show Catching Killers came out this February. This four-episode docuseries will keep you glued to your seat as investigators who have chased down some of the most infamous serial killers of all time reveal the most terrifying details of their cases.

Disenchantment (Part 4)

If you’re a fan of shows like The Simpsons and Futurama, you’ll love Matt Groening’s latest work, Disenchantment. The show centers around Bean, an unorthodox princess whose rebellious nature and love for drinking get her into trouble. Part four of the show was released on February 9th.

Child of Kamiari Month

Netflix’s original anime Child of Kamiari Month was released globally on February 8th. This anime film from Japanese studio Cretica Universal is available with an English dub or subtitles for true anime fans. The film follows Kanna, a young girl who embarks on a journey across Japan to the sacred land of Izumo after the death of her mother.


Your Attention Please (Season 3)

Just in time for Black History Month comes the second season of Your Attention Please, a show highlighting the lives and creations of black innovators, scientists, and more. Hosted by Craig Robinson of The Office, this show is a deep dive into the stories of many black Americans and the impact they’re seeking to make. The third season of this series is sure to be another hit.


Not just one movie or show, there is a slew of classics and new releases for comedy lovers coming to Hulu this month. Between timeless favorites like The Other Guys and Airplane and current hits like season five of Rick and Morty, there’s a comedy for everyone on Hulu.

Top Chef (Season 18)

Top Chef is a favorite for home cooks and food lovers all over the world, and Hulu subscribers will be happy to know that season 18, Top Chef’s most recent season, will be coming their way this month. Season 18 ran on Bravo last summer but became available for streaming on Hulu on February 1st.


Superhero fans will be excited to learn that the classic 1989-1997 Batman film series is available on Hulu starting February 1. Starring Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker – and bringing in a host of all-star actors on the way – these movies are a must-see for any Batman or DC Comics lover.

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