Here’s Why I Only Use Canvas On Demand for Mother’s Day Gifts

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I’ll never forget my mom’s smile on Mother’s Day last year. Instead of my usual bottle of wine and card, I wanted to give her something more meaningful. When she unwrapped my gift and saw a framed photo of us at my wedding, she looked so full of joy. This year, I’m adding to her collection and giving her a framed picture of our recent family reunion. But instead of waiting in line at a big-box store and having limited options like last year, I went fully online with Canvas On Demand.

The photo I printed was a multi-generation photo – Mom, my grandma, my sister and her daughter, me. I thought the bigger, the better for that kind of thing, and Canvas On Demand gave me so many size options. I could go as small as a square eight-inch print or as large as two by three feet! I decided a 16” x 20” print with a frame would fit perfectly on my parents’ mantle. Then, all I did was upload the photo and choose a frame – that’s it!

I also love that Canvas On Demand made printing a framed photo so affordable. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I got an amazingly great discount. Plus, I did the entire process – uploading the photo, choosing the size, adding a frame, checking out – in my pajamas right from the comfort of my couch. It was a no-brainer, beyond easy – I’m never going back to in-store kiosks again. 

My only concern, at first, was the shipping process. What if my picture showed up covered in dents and scratches? All my worries immediately faded when my package arrived less than a week after I ordered it. My photo was stunning – the print came out perfectly and looked gorgeous in the frame, which was totally damage-free. And again, it arrived in under a week – and here I was ordering my gifts months ahead of time in case there were problems. With Canvas On Demand, there were no problems at all!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to get your mom, grandma, or any other moms in your life, I say go with Canvas On Demand. It’s easy, fast, heartwarming, and – thanks to some serious Mother’s Day discounts – even more affordable than usual. Head over to Canvas On Demand’s website and save up to 90% off canvas prints and 50% off other products! Just enter the code PRINTS4MOM at checkout. The gift of joy is just a few clicks away.

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