6 Ways Stacked Makes the Most of Your Crypto Investments

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As a cryptocurrency investor, I know that the best way to reduce my risk is to diversify my crypto portfolio. That said, researching which coins to buy and jumping around different exchanges to manage my assets often feels tedious and unsustainable. Thankfully, Stacked has built a better way. Stacked is launching Stacked Advisor Portfolios, a new app that will allow me to manage my crypto and get expert trading strategies in one convenient place.

In addition to getting $25 for signing up and a chance at winning $25,000 worth of prizes, here are six reasons why I’m signing up to get early access to Stacked’s new Advisor Portfolios.

1. Stacked builds portfolios based on your needs

Stacked analyzes my risk tolerance to curate a custom crypto portfolio tailored to my needs.  After taking a suitability assessment, they provide a custom mix of digital assets to help me reach my financial goals. Once my assets are curated and my strategies are set, I can sit back and watch my wealth grow.

2. Stacked Advisor Portfolios make it easy to diversify

Stacked Advisor Portfolios offer a simpler,  smarter way to balance my portfolio. Since Stacked is an SEC-registered investment advisor, I can trust their investment strategies to minimize my risk exposure while maximizing my profits. And better yet, I can manage all my investments from one simple interface instead of bouncing among exchange apps.

3. Stacked Advisor Portfolios let you automate your investment strategies

With Stacked, I’ve never questioned how my crypto investments are faring. Their Advisor Portfolios use cutting-edge automation tools to watch the market 24/7 and automatically adjust my portfolio to keep it balanced.

4. Stacked takes emotions out of the equation

It’s easier to stay consistent and ensure my portfolio is on track at all times with Stacked Advisor Portfolios. Their expert long-term investment strategies can help me beat the bear markets and ignore external factors that cause losses.

5. Stacked makes asset management simple and convenient

Stacked’s simple interface allows me to manage and track my entire cryptocurrency portfolio in one convenient place. I can make adjustments, add contributions, withdraw funds, and track my progress anytime, anywhere.

6. Stacked Advisor Portfolios are free

I don’t pay a single penny to use Stacked Advisor Portfolios. In fact, they pay me $10 for every friend I invite once they sign up and link their bank account. They also offer $1 every time I share the waitlist on my social channels. Inviting friends and sharing the waitlist also moves me up the waitlist leaderboard, which gives me a better chance at winning huge prizes.

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