Five Reasons I Chose – and Got My Auto Insurance Down to $19/Month

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Finally, after years of saving, I bought my dream house – and my favorite parts are the big yard and the two-car garage. While this all may sound magnificent, the insurance I was paying for my two cars was not. Buying a house meant cutting costs elsewhere, so I knew I needed a less expensive auto insurance plan. I looked all over the internet, but only made it easy to learn about plans, compare them, and get a quote – and then get a $19/month insurance plan. Here’s why. 

1. was developed by insurance experts’s team includes a bunch of experts whose collective experience spans hundreds of years – yes, hundreds. Once I knew that, I fully trusted that would help me navigate the confusion that comes with comparing auto insurance plans. And I was right – they did exactly that. The information they put on their platform answered all my questions and made me feel sure I understood everything I needed to know. 

2. quotes are free with no obligation 

This was a big one for me: gave me several auto insurance plan quotes 100% for free without binding me to these plans. All I had to do was answer a few short questions about my car and where I live, and within minutes, I got a bunch of quotes. And the rate on the one I took was almost too good to be true – but no, it was real.

3. Rates start at just $19/mo

I couldn’t believe my eyes at first: offered me a better plan than my current one for just $19/month. I was so shocked that I looked into whether this was common, and it turns out other folks have said the same. So if you’re tired of paying outrageous bills for your car insurance, head to, answer a few short questions, then you’re all set. Finding affordable car insurance has never been such a breeze.

4. has comprehensive educational resources has literally hundreds of frequently asked questions across several dozen content libraries, all with answers from trained professionals. Seriously – I found an answer for every question I could possibly ever come up with. For instance, a couple of questions I had were: Is it bad to cancel my current car insurance? Does having two cars hurt or help my rates? All the answers were there. 

5. has great press coverage

There are plenty of insurance websites that talk a big game, but I found that most of them weren’t as reliable as they seemed. I didn’t have this doubt while using, nor did I before I got started: The company has earned some impressive press coverage! Forbes, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and plenty more have written about it, so I knew it was more than legit – it was top-notch.

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