Here’s Why You Need Unlock To Pay Off Your Biggest Expenses With No Additional Debt

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Are you a homeowner looking for some cash to help cover some upcoming home expenses? Maybe you need to get your roof fixed or you want to upgrade all your kitchen appliances. As much as you’d like to ask a lender for a loan, you don’t have a great credit score, and your income is on the lower end among homeowners. When a loan isn’t on the table, Unlock is a great alternative. Here’s why.

1. You can get up to $500k in cash

With Unlock, you can access anywhere from $30K to $500K of your home’s equity depending on your current property value and mortgage. That’s huge – most personal loans max out at $7,5002! To discover how much cash you could access, head over to Unlock’s website and enter your address and the amount of debt you have on your home. Then, you’ll be able to see how much money you can receive now for home repairs in exchange for a percentage of your home’s future value.

2. You don’t need a high credit score

Unlock is way more flexible than lenders when it comes to giving loans, because a home equity agreement (HEA) isn’t a loan. Unlike lenders, Unlock knows that falling behind on credit card payments – or seeing your student loan payments balloon – can happen to anyone. That’s why Unlock works with homeowners whose credit scores are as low as 500. You’ll never again have to worry about needing a high credit score to cover your latest home project.

3. No additional debt

Whenever you take out a loan, you’re likely to pay numerous fees. Early or late payment penalties can complicate things further too. With Unlock, though, there are no monthly payments, no interest, no hidden fees – just the cash you need now.

4. There are no interest rates

When you take out a loan, you repay more than that loan. You’ll also pay interest to the lender, and that can take years – the 11.4% to 30.25%1 interest rates on most loans can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of interest over time. Unlock, though, doesn’t charge you any interest since it isn’t a lender. You can cover your home repairs now without spending even more money.

5. There are no monthly payments

Yes, you read that correctly: No monthly payments! You’re probably wondering how that’s even possible since every lender makes you pay a monthly bill. Well, Unlock immediately gives you cash in exchange for a certain percentage of equity on your home when you sell it. This way, you have no debt to pay off, and you can use your money freely.

Unlock is one of the fastest ways to get extra cash without a loan, and you’ll only need a few minutes to find out whether you qualify! Just share your address, answer a few short questions, and then see how much money you can get. Visit Unlock’s website to see if you can cover your newest home expenses sooner than later.



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