Here’s How I Got My Auto Insurance Down to $19/Month

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Recently, I got a big promotion and bought a beautiful three-story, two-car garage home with my partner Jared. Everything I’ve learned about growing my career and budgeting for life as a homeowner seemed to have paid off, minus one thing – paying to insure those two cars. Our auto insurance was costing way too much, and I just didn’t know how to find comparable plans. Truly, I had absolutely no idea what I was looking for – well, until I stumbled upon’s $19/month plans. was developed by experts with a combined lifetime in insurance – nearly 100 years. With this expertise, had no trouble clearly showing me exactly what I needed to see. The platform answered all my questions and never left me second-guessing. That was really important to me since some of what I read online elsewhere just seemed untrue. With, I knew I could 100% take everything at face value, and that was super reassuring.

Additionally, offers a plethora of content across a bunch of websites that answer every question I could possibly think of and more. I could swear I saw legit hundreds of questions that’s trained insurance professionals thoroughly answered. For instance, how would I file claims? What happens if an animal – say, a deer running across the highway – were to damage my car? covers it all.

Alongside all this information, illuminated the big broad world of auto insurance costs without binding me to anything. That was the best part of all: gave me auto insurance quotes for free with no obligation. I had no idea that was possible – I swear everywhere else bound me to a plan as soon as they offered a quote. Only gave me the flexibility I needed to shop around.

All I had to do was answer a few simple questions about my car and where I live, and within seconds, I got my free quote. The rate I saw was a fraction of what my current insurance was costing me and Jared to insure our cars. So if you’re like I was – your auto insurance is costing too much, you don’t know how to easily compare plans – might save you. Visit now for free, no-obligation quotes starting at just $19 a month!

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