5 Reasons I Only Buy My Wigs From Name Brand Wigs

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Unfortunately, I’m cursed with short, thinning hair that just doesn’t grow, but fortunately, I look great in the wigs I wear whenever I’m out and about. Finding those wigs, though, wasn’t always simple. The wig stores in my area had limited selections and weren’t budget friendly, and then with online shopping I found that I missed the human touch a store had. That changed when my friend Jamie – who both has alopecia and beautiful hair thanks to her wigs – told me about Name Brand Wigs. Here’s why Name Brand Wigs has become my go-to for great wigs and top-notch customer service. 

1. Friendly, helpful team across the board

When I have questions as I shop at Name Brand Wigs, I’m not stuck messaging one of those unhelpful chatbots. Instead, I can call customer service or use live chat – as in, instant-message actual people – to speak with someone who’s friendly, compassionate, and plain old passionate about helping people find great wigs. Each and every time I’ve gotten in touch, I’ve encountered someone this helpful and been able to receive a dazzling new wig.

2. So many options to choose from

Typically, when I would go to wig stores in my area, I had limited options to choose from, and I had to settle for the one closest – yet still far from – what I wanted. With Name Brand Wigs, though, the options are endless. I can choose from over 30 hair brands, all with different hair textures, lengths, and colors. I often find myself loving three or four different wigs so much that I need to call customer service just to have them help me choose a winner. 

3. Easily navigable website

When I first started buying wigs online, I found every website messy, so I craved an in-person experience instead. Name Brand Wigs’ website solved that problem. I can navigate it super easily – there are clear links to wig brands, wig types, and best-sellers. And if that still doesn’t give me what I need, I can reach out via live chat or pull up Name Brand Wigs’ phone number at any time from the bottom-right corner.

4. Handwritten notes for new wig customers

In the time that I’ve shopped with Name Brand Wigs, I’ve already purchased my fair share of wigs. And yes, the wigs are always top-quality, but the handwritten notes they send to new customers are really the icing on the cake. With my first wig purchase, I received a free wig cap, coupon card, and a cute handwritten letter thanking me for my purchase. It’s a small gesture, but it reminds me that I’m buying from actual people who care about my hair, my head, and my whole look – and are there when I need them. 

5. Best customer service in wigs and beyond

I have simply never experienced better customer service from a wig shop (or any company, really) than Name Brand Wigs. The team there knows exactly what they’re talking about and genuinely wants to help me find the perfect head of hair each and every time. So if you’re looking for a wig or hair extensions, seriously – choose Name Brand Wigs. Plus, for a limited time, you can get 30% off on select brands and collections and, sometimes, an extra gift with your wig! I haven’t looked back, and neither will you. 

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