I Got $750 Through UpLevel Rewards – Here’s How To Get Yours

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I’m always looking for ways to find great deals, especially as I shop. I really want more bang for my buck, so when my coworker Rafaela told me that she found a website with great deals AND how she earned an extra $750 through UpLevel Rewards, I was all ears.

Of course, when Rafaela said she earned a whole $750, I immediately thought this was too good to be true. How is it possible to earn $750 from UpLevel Rewards? I soon found out that was only the start – with UpLevel Rewards, you can earn as much as $1,000. The more deals you complete the more you can earn. I found great deals that include popular streaming services, gaming apps and financial services! And there was so much more to choose from.

To get my $750, all I needed to do to start was sign up and complete a quick survey. This survey asked me questions that would help UpLevel Rewards figure out which kinds of deals to recommend to me. Once I completed the survey, UpLevel Rewards showed me the deals that are of the most interest to me, including fun new games, apps, streaming platforms, and subscriptions – I was earning money for the deals I completed and having a great time!

Getting through all my deals was easy too. I started to earn money after completing only two deals (level two), and after five deals, I reached level three. At that level, I had $100 earned, and with every additional level completed, I earned more money. 

After getting to level five and completing 20 deals, I decided I wanted to cash out my reward so I could spend it on a weekend trip with my fiancé. After an easy and efficient claims process, I was given the option to deposit my $750 reward via my PayPal account, through an ACH transfer, or any money transfer application. That’s more than I’ve ever earned so quickly!  Best of all, I had it just in time for my mini-trip. 

If you’re a shopper like me looking to find great deals and the added benefit of earning some money, I highly recommend trying UpLevel Rewards, where you can spend a little and earn a lot. It was by far the easiest money I’ve ever made, and it was fun too! I’m confident you’ll feel the same – and your bank account will show it.

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