What are the Most Popular Songs of 2022 So Far?

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So far, many would agree that 2022 seems to be a great year for music. Between smash hits in pop, rock, hip-hop, and other genres, there seems to be a constant stream of great songs this year. What are some of the most popular songs of 2022 so far? Read on below to find out.

“As It Was” – Harry Styles

Harry Styles has been having a huge 2022, with a phenomenally successful album and several big singles. Without a doubt, his most popular song of the year has been “As It Was,” an upbeat track that feels like a cross between ‘80s pop and modern indie rock.

“As It Was” debuted as the number one track on the Billboard Hot 100, and it still holds a spot as the number two song on the chart over three months after its release.

“Glimpse Of Us” – Joji

Rapper and singer-songwriter Joji’s new single “Glimpse Of Us” has been another huge success so far in 2022. The song has held a steady position on the Billboard Hot 100 since its release at the beginning of June, and will hopefully be the first single from an upcoming Joji album this year or next year.

“About Damn Time” – Lizzo

The latest single from singer, rapper, and songwriter Lizzo has been another huge hit. “About Damn Time” came out on April 14 and has held a position close to the top of the charts since then. Lizzo has had a phenomenal couple of years since her breakthrough single “Juice” in 2019, and her new music continues to be successful with listeners and critics.

“First Class” – Jack Harlow

Another chart-topper this year was rapper Jack Harlow’s song “First Class.” Harlow skyrocketed to fame in 2020 with his hit single “What’s Poppin” and has been a big name in rap and hip-hop music ever since. “First Class” was the second single off of Harlow’s new album, Come Home the Kids Miss You.

Although the album was considered by many to be a huge failure – it received a 51/100 critic score and a 3.3/10 user score on music review aggregator Metacritic – “First Class” was the first hip-hop song of the year to rank number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Harlow’s song “Nail Tech” off the same album was also met with acclaim from critics and casual listeners.

“The Heart Part 5” – Kendrick Lamar

A hip-hop album that did far better this year was Kendrick Lamar’s Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, and one of the most popular songs from around its release was “The Heart Part 5.” Although this song is technically not on the album, it was released five days ahead of the album drop, so many consider it part of the Mr. Morale experience.

As suggested by the track title, the song is the fifth part of a series of “The Heart” songs, and fans always look forward to these tracks on Lamar’s albums for an indication of how he’s feeling and what he’s planning next. The lyrically complex song deals with issues of fame, racism, and celebrity culture. It’s paired with a music video where Lamar’s face is replaced with deepfakes of a variety of black celebrities, from O.J. Simpson and Kobe Bryant to Kanye West and Will Smith.

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