Renewal by Andersen Led Us Through Our Dream Window Replacement Experience. Here’s How.

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Nearly a year ago, my husband Tom and I bought a gorgeous 1900’s rustic farmhouse with large windows and a beautiful porch. Although this was my dream home, you can only imagine things needed to be updated  – especially the windows. We needed to find windows that kept the cool air in during the humid summer months while matching our rustic theme. After a few unlucky trips to local home improvement stores, I was feeling discouraged, and then, I discovered Renewal by Andersen.

Renewal by Andersen is a full-service subsidiary company of Andersen Corporation, a huge name in window manufacturing. That’s how I immediately knew I wouldn’t have to settle for windows that didn’t meet my needs. Instead, I’d get custom-made windows built to order in the U.S., all based on a specialist consultation and window measurements made in person. I could choose my windows’ style, exterior and interior colors, grille pattern, hardware finishes, and more. I could also use Renewal by Andersen’s augmented reality tool to visualize my designs right inside my home and determine whether they truly fit the bill. 

On top of that, our Renewal by Andersen windows would be made from Fibrex, a composite of 40% wooden fibers and 60% thermoplastic polymer. This got us especially excited because composite is about as durable as it gets – it resists heat, rot, and other potential problems. It’s also made from recycled material, and it’s energy-efficient, which helped us feel eco-friendly as we upgraded our windows.  

Once Tom and I agreed on our custom windows, we got started with Renewal by Andersen’s Signature Service. This meant that we were linked with certified professionals who came into our home and installed everything for us – ABC, easy as 1, 2, 3. They brought all their own tools and equipment, and to start, they removed our old windows. They then checked that each opening was in good condition with no repairs needed. Once they checked that box, they installed our new Fibrex windows. And after all that, they left behind absolutely no dirt or debris. 

Our Renewal by Andersen windows came with a 20-year warranty on the Fibrex – we couldn’t find a warranty that extensive anywhere else. We were thrilled that Renewal by Andersen offered financing options too – we started replacing our windows with zero money down and zero percent interest. 

Even if we had paid from the get-go, the Renewal by Andersen process would’ve been entirely worth it. Now that Tom and I have had these windows for a couple of seasons, I can truly say I’m living in my dream home. The windows are gorgeous, and their climate resistance always keeps the temperature comfy. If you too are looking for affordable, high-quality windows that will last, I highly recommend Renewal by Andersen. 

Request a free in-person or virtual consultation today to start designing the home you’ve always wanted. 

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