Who Won the World Series?

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Last week was the World Series, the most important event in baseball and the conclusion of the 2022 baseball season. The Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies fought hard against each other to take home the title of best team in baseball, but who ended up winning the series? Read on below to find out.

Who won the World Series?

After six long games, the Houston Astros took home their second-ever World Series win, finishing the series with a 4-2 lead. This was the Astros’ fourth time competing in the World Series in the last six years, and it must be rewarding for them to bring home the cup they first won in 2017. This team has been one of the most dominant forces in baseball for some time now, and with several promising young players, that doesn’t seem to be changing soon.

Who won the MVP award at the World Series?

While there were several outstanding performances at this year’s World Series, at the end of game six, it was no question which player deserved the MVP award. Jeremy Peña was a player on the Astros’ reserve list last year and didn’t play at all during their World Series loss to the Atlanta Braves, and his only professional experience coming into this season was 182 minor league games.

After Astros’ shortstop Carlos Carrea left the team through his free agency, the Astros officially added Peña to their roster. During spring training this year, Peña was announced to be the Astros’ starting shortstop, and he’s been stunning the league ever since. Peña had an excellent hitting average of .345 in the postseason, and in game 5 of the World Series, he became the first rookie shortstop to hit a home run in the World Series.

Peña was awarded the World Series MVP award, the American League Championship Series (ACLS) MVP award, and the American League Gold Glove Award. With this, Peña became the first rookie shortstop to win the Gold Glove, the first rookie position player to win the World Series MVP award, and the first player in history to win all three of these awards in a career.

Other impressive performances

One other major influence in the Astros’ victory was designated hitter and left fielder Yordan Álvarez. Álvarez notably hit a three-run home run during the sixth inning of game six of the series, bringing the Astros to a 4-1 lead and essentially sealing their victory. Álvarez finished the season with more postseason RBI than any other player in the league, with an impressive 14 runs batted in during postseason games.

Although the Phillies ended up losing the series, they still put up a great fight, and several of their players played a fantastic series. One of these players was catcher J.T. Realmuto, who was an influential force in both of the Phillies’ wins during the series. Realmuto had four runs batted in during the Phillies’ clutch 6-5 victory over the Astros in the first game of the series.

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