7 Reasons Why You Should Drive Using the Uber App

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Let’s say you’re looking for easy ways to earn extra cash and work toward a savings goal. Maybe you’re trying to earn fast cash outside your typical full-time work hours, through a flexible side gig that suits your own schedule. Lucky for you, driving using the Uber app offers it all. You can drive a quick two hours at night or throughout the day whenever you want – it’s that simple! Here are seven reasons why driving using the Uber app is a great way to earn easy, fast cash. 

1. If you have a question, you can turn to Uber’s 24/7 online support

Unlike some platforms that only offer support during regular business hours, Uber’s support team is online 24/7 and always ready to help out. Whether it’s 4 p.m. or 1 a.m., you can count on Uber to get back to you quickly.

2. You can earn cash weekly and withdraw money at any time

Instead of waiting to get your paycheck every other week like with so many jobs, Uber releases your earnings weekly. Also, Uber provides different cashout alternatives, you can access a Next-day cash out option for free or an Instant cash out option for only $1.10 (incl GST) per transaction. This means, you can cash out whenever you want – up to five times per day!

3. The Uber app has features to keep you safe 

The Uber app tracks all your rides from start to finish in case there’s an emergency. You can also use the in-app emergency button to call the authorities if you ever feel unsafe while driving using the Uber app. Plus, you can share your ride routes with your friends and family so they know exactly where you are and when you arrive at each destination. 

4. You don’t have to wear a uniform 

If your job requires you to wear your uniform, you’re in for a nice change of pace. You can wear whatever you want when you drive using the Uber app. If you’re driving before work, your typical nine-to-five attire fits the bill. And once the weekend hits, no one will judge you for driving your passengers around in a cozy lounge set. 

5. You can see the best locations and times to drive

It’s not always easy to leave your bed early to hit the road. But with the help of the Uber Driver app you’ll have the tools to help you decide the best times and places to earn.

6. You can drive whenever you want

There’s no schedule or set hours when you drive using the Uber app – it’s all your choice. You’ll earn money without sacrificing your social life, cutting into your work hours, or losing time you could devote to the people and hobbies you love.  

7. Sign up anytime

You can sign up anytime by heading to Uber’s website or downloading the Uber Driver app from the app store. For most people, the sign up process takes 2-3 weeks to gather all the required documentation so you are ready for your first ride. Within your first few months of driving using the platform, you might just earn enough money to reach that financial goal. You could get closer to that dream holiday, paying off your loans, or buying that car you always wanted before you know it. 

To sign up to drive using the Uber platform, all you have to do is meet all the eligibility requirements for your state or territory, which are typically simple. They include being at least 20 years old (or 21 years old for New South Wales and Victoria) and having a valid full Australian driver’s licence for at least 12 months (with exceptions in some states and territories). From there, all you need to do is get a background check, ensure that your vehicle meets Uber’s vehicle requirements (or explore rental options from our partners), provide the required documents, and list yourself as your vehicle’s insured driver. 

Disclaimer: ​​Actual earnings vary and depend on many factors such as the number of hours and times driven, location, weather and other factors.

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