3 DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while store-bought gifts are great, taking the time to make a DIY card can show your significant other that you planned ahead – and that you care about showing your love on this holiday. Here are three great DIY Valentine’s Day card ideas to get you started.

Pressed flower butterfly and heart cards

For a quick but aesthetic Valentine’s Day card, try these DIY pressed flower cards. Start by downloading the printable heart or butterfly pattern available with the full instructions, and print or trace it onto heavy cardstock or watercolor paper. Cut the shapes and Valentine’s phrases out with scissors or a sharp hobby knife.

If you don’t have pressed flowers already, place your chosen fresh flowers in your microwave between two paper towels. Place a flat microwave-safe dish on top of the paper towels to weigh the flowers down, then microwave in 15-second increments until the flowers have dried out to your liking. Paint a thin layer of sealer, glue, and finish over your heart or butterfly cutout, then glue down the Valentine’s phrases and pressed flowers. Run an additional layer over the pressed flowers, then wait for everything to dry.

Rose filled heart cards

For a fun rose-filled heart Valentine’s card that’s simple enough for kids but classy enough for adults, try this tutorial. On a square piece of construction paper, draw a large heart shape with a pencil. Cut a circle out of red or pink construction paper, then cut a spiral from the outside edge to the center. Starting at the outer edge, roll the spiral up until you reach the center. This should result in a round spiral with some three-dimensional texture to it that looks like a paper rose.

Using white school glue, glue the end of the spiral to the bottom of your paper rose to hold the whole thing together, then glue the rose on the inside edge of the heart on your paper. Repeat this with more paper roses until you’ve filled the whole heart. Finally, line the edges of your construction paper with strips of red or pink construction paper as a frame, then sign the card with a Valentine’s Day message for your significant other.

Confetti heart cards

For another cute card with some three-dimensional flair, try these DIY confetti heart Valentine’s cards. You’ll need a hole punch – a heart-shaped one is ideal if you can find it at your local craft store, but a regular one will work as well. Find pieces of construction paper in two to four shades of red, pink, and purple, then spend a few minutes punching out as many tiny hearts or circles as you can.

On a piece of cardstock, use glue to draw a heart, an “XO,” or any other cute Valentine’s message. Sprinkle on your hole-punched confetti, repeating multiple times until you can clearly see the desired shape. Be sure to shake off any loose pieces, then add a signature or additional note and you’re good to go!

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