How to Wrap a Burrito The Right Way

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In the world of Mexican food, the burrito is a beloved and versatile dish that’s loved all over the world. Wrapping the burrito perfectly can be a difficult task, however. Want to know how to wrap a burrito the right way and end your days of crumbling tortillas and sauce dripping down your arm? Keep reading below to find out.

Choosing the right tortilla

When it comes to wrapping a burrito the right way, selecting the appropriate tortilla is an important first step. The type of tortilla you choose can significantly impact the overall texture, flavor, and strength of your burrito. Flour tortillas are a popular choice, known for their softness and flexibility, making them easier to fold. If you prefer a heartier option, opt for a corn tortilla, which lends a distinct flavor to your burrito. You’ll have to be more selective about these, however, as many corn tortillas can be crumbly and weak. Whether you go for flour or corn, ensure that the tortilla is fresh and pliable to achieve a successful wrap.

Warming the tortilla

The temperature of the tortilla plays a vital role in successfully wrapping a burrito. Warm tortillas are more pliable and less prone to cracking or tearing during the folding process. To warm tortillas, you have several options: microwave them for a few seconds, heat them on a griddle, or wrap them in a damp kitchen towel then place them in a warm oven. By using warm tortillas, you’ll have a smoother wrapping experience and a burrito that holds together flawlessly.

Mastering the tortilla fold

The most important part of creating a well-wrapped burrito is mastering the tortilla fold. Start by placing your fillings near the center of the tortilla, leaving a decent border on the sides. Fold the bottom edge up, covering the fillings, and then fold the sides inward, overlapping them slightly. Finally, roll the burrito away from you, making sure it’s tight but not overly tight to avoid bursting the tortilla. With practice, you’ll achieve a secure and uniform wrap that holds all your flavorful ingredients together.

Sealing with precision

Sealing the burrito properly is key to keeping all the fillings neatly contained. Once you’ve rolled the burrito, apply gentle pressure along the seam to ensure it stays closed. To further strengthen the seal, you can brush a small amount of water or your sauce of choice along the inside edge of the tortilla before rolling. This helps the tortilla stick together and prevents any fillings from escaping. A well-sealed burrito guarantees an enjoyable eating experience without any spills or leaks.

Finishing off the presentation

To elevate your burrito’s visual appeal, consider wrapping it with a sheet of parchment paper or aluminum foil. This adds a professional touch and also helps to secure the wrap and keep it intact. Additionally, slicing the burrito in half diagonally allows the vibrant fillings to be showcased, making it visually enticing and easier to handle.