Top 5 Wig Collections to Elevate Your Hair Game

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Another new wig release, another style to choose from when there are already so many! How is a person to choose one they will love and want to reorder? Let me tell you my secret… I let Name Brand Wigs do the work for me. I mean who has extra time on their hands to sort through thousands of styles, and well they are the experts, so I figure why not let them help.

My trick is to browse their curated collections. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Customer Favorites Collection

This selection is so amazing for finding something that will be a tried-and-true style. It is categorized by styles other wig wearers also love and have given high ratings to. If you happen to be new to wearing wigs, this is a definite recommendation because it narrows down the options for you. Even if you aren’t new to this hair world it is just great to hear from others about their favorite pieces.

2. New Items Collection

When I decide to try something new and amaze my friends with a look they haven’t seen yet, then I like to browse their New Items Collection. I find they are really good at putting up new styles and I know they won’t be outdated.

3. Trending Now Collection

This collection has more unique styles that’s why I enjoy it. The selection of styles are diverse, trendy, and have great reviews and ratings. You never know what will show up, but it will be fun to look through!

4. Wigs With Bangs

Maybe you like bangs and perhaps you don’t, but before you turn away let me tell you there are many types of bangs in this collection: face-framing bangs, straight across the face bangs, layered bangs, and more. I think you’ll be able to find something you like, especially if you are wanting to switch up your usual style!

5. Curly Collection

Last but not least, Name Brand Wig’s Curly Collection is full of hairstyles that are so adorable. Whether you love curls or have never tried them, this is a great collection to check out. A couple of my favorite pieces from this group are Estetica Avalon and Envy Dakota. Good luck choosing which to try first!

There you have my best secret to finding trendy, reliable options for wigs. Hope you enjoyed reading through these different collections and that it helps you save time when it comes to choosing your next style!