Cheap Textbooks? Look No Further Than

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College tuition is notoriously expensive, and that’s without the added cost of textbooks and course materials — but these don’t have to be expensive. Whether you buy your books or rent them, affordable options are easier than ever to find, though not all textbook websites offer both purchases and rentals. does, though — here’s why it’s the best website for buying or renting all your textbooks.

You get access to the most rental titles possible rental textbook inventory is home to over one million titles. Renting textbooks with saves you up to 90%, and returning your rentals is entirely free with a prepaid shipping label. When you need affordable textbooks, has them — and sending them back is hassle-free.

You save money with’s price-match guarantee will price match new, used, and rental textbooks if you find a lower price on Chegg or Amazon. Customers have seven days after purchase to take advantage of the price-match guarantee. As long as the book’s ISBN, condition, and format are the same on both sites, you always get the best price with — cheap textbooks are pretty much guaranteed.

Amazon no longer offers rental textbooks

Gone are the days when Amazon rented textbooks to students, but is keeping on with the tradition. Plus, makes it incredibly easy to return your rental textbook or, if you’ve grown attached to it, keep it. Renting from saves you tons of money and comes with flexibility you won’t find elsewhere.

You can choose from three rental terms (and extend them)

If you’re looking to rent rather than buy, gives you options. You can rent your textbooks for a quarter, a semester, or short-term, and you can extend these terms at any time. This way, you get access to your course materials for exactly as long as you need.

Writing on and highlighting your rentals is allowed

You might think that writing on or highlighting rented course materials is ill-advised, but not with Go ahead and highlight up to one-third of your book and write in it too. As long as you avoid excessive alterations, you’re all set to mark up your rented materials.

Coupons and free shipping abound is so dedicated to saving students money that it always maintains a public list of active promo codes. Better yet, all orders over $35 ship free (with a few exceptions). You save both time and money — up to 90% compared to other sites — when you choose

You can pay via Venmo or PayPal

When says it wants to make educational materials accessible and affordable for you, it means that in every possible way. That’s why accepts Venmo payments (as well as PayPal). No need to enter credit card information — just open an app, make a payment, and before you know it, you’ll have the books you need.

Customers love it

Across over 12,000 Sitejabber reviews, has a dazzling 4.5-star rating — the best in the business. It’s also miles ahead of Chegg’s 1.5-star Sitejabber rating across 400-something reviews. For affordable textbooks done the right way, there’s no better choice than

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