Everything you need to know about becoming a surrogate

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If you are thinking about becoming a surrogate mother, there are definitely some things you need to know. I am pretty sure how you have thought about the pros and cons, yet you have numerous questions and feel lost. That is exactly why we have created this article! 

  1. Types of surrogacy. There are different types of surrogacy, like traditional surrogacy, gestational surrogate, or an egg donor. What are the differences? When it comes to the first one, you will be that woman who carries the baby provides the egg and delivers the baby at the end. Of course, sperm may be of the father’s baby or from a donor. You will go through an IVF. If you are going to be a gestational surrogate, then the egg and the sperm of other people (possibly the parents), and have already been fertilized. In the third case, you only donate your eggs to be fertilized. So, you don’t go through pregnancy here.
  2. Money. We have talked with a surrogacy advocate, and he definitely claims how you should forget that surrogacy will make you rich. If you didn’t know, being a surrogate mother for 10 months is approximately paid $45, 000. So, when you calculate all that time and all that risk, no, this really isn’t a ton of money. You will either do it for love, or for the other people you love.
  3. How to become a surrogate? If you want to become a surrogate, there are of course some rules. You should be healthy, have an ideal BMI, have already delivered one baby vaginally, and of course, to be psychologically healthy.
  4. Your rights. What are your rights when you become a surrogate mother? Most of the surrogate mothers don’t do this for money, as we have already explained above. Most of the times they just want to help their friends who cannot have children. So, will you be able to see the baby? It depends on the agreements with the ‘real parents’ of that baby. There are different laws for the different states and countries, and if you are really thinking to become a surrogate, we highly recommend you to check all those laws and rights.

Overall, we wish you all the luck in the world if you have decided to become a surrogate mother!

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  • June 15, 2018 at 12:06 pm

    I wanted to do this but I think I’m changing my mind after realizing how truly hard it could be.


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