Go Glamping!

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It’s normal to be a nature lover but not have a high tolerance for bugs, the backache that results from sleeping on the ground, and having to make use of a hole in the ground as a toilet. Interestingly, there’s a great way to get the nice outdoor experience without sacrificing too much comfort, and that’s Glamping.

Glamping is coined by combining glam and camping. Glamping has risen to become pretty trendy among travelers in recent years.

Imagine getting out to the woods and finding an amazing safari-style tent already set up, equipped with a comfy queen-sized bed with soft, luxury linens, an ensuite bathroom with nice, lavish amenities, and a decor that is most Instagram-worthy coupled with Wi-Fi to post your pictures. That is just a peek into what to expect when glamping.

So, gather your girls, pack a few clothes and prepare for an awesome way of experiencing nature. Below are a few great destinations for Glamping in the USA.

Collective Yellowstone

Location: Big Sky, Montana

A great combination of sumptuous and rustic is the Collective Yellowstone. In the cool shadow of Lone Mountain, it offers luxury camping accommodations. After exploring the Yellowstone National Park, these accommodations offer a great home base to find respite without really giving up the hotel-style experience.  

At the Collective Yellowstone, the tents resemble heirloom cabins under canvas, coupled with high thread-count linens, over-the-bed chandeliers, wood-burning stoves and snuggly Pendleton wool blankets.

Speaking of amenities, this glamping destination nearly has it all. It has a well-equipped library, coffee and tea spot, Turkish towels, bathrobes, and board games. Every tent has homemade stacks.

Price: $500 to $700 a night.

The Yellowstone Collective
The Yellowstone Collective

Eastwind Hotel and Bar

Location: Upstate New York

This place is relatively new and it is a great spot to take on Catskills in style. It was originally a bunkhouse for outdoor enthusiasts in the 1920s. Recently, the hotel has undergone a lot of modern makeover with private fireplaces, rustic designs, and Frette linens.

The Eastwind Hotel & Bar is in Windham, New York, but the most attractive thing about this property is its glampling sites as they are Scandinavian-style.

This spot is perfect for minimalists. The structures are simple A-frame in design without compromising on comfort as we find on some sites. There’s access to a private sauna, bathroom, barbecue kits, wireless speaker, as well as Wi-Fi which you’ll need to share your awesome view of the Mountains. The whole experience is really thrilling.

Price: Starts at $129 a night.

Eastwind Hotel & Bar
Eastwind Hotel & Bar

Mendocino Grove

Location: Mendocino, California

Generally, the experiences Northern California offers in nature cannot be compared with any in other places in the world. With its humbling old-growth redwoods, crashing ocean coastline and fern canyons, and many more beautiful sights fit for fairies. A great way to take everything in is the glamping sites in Mendocino Grove.

The property boasts of 60 spacious tents equipped with lavish beds, private porches, romantic twinkle lights and indoor plants. There’s a complimentary outdoor breakfast bar where you can fuel up in the morning before hitting the rails.

Price: Starts at $120 a night.

Mendocino Grove
Mendocino Grove


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  • September 9, 2018 at 10:43 am

    This is just for me! I don’t need to go get dirty for a whole weekend when I can spend it like a five star hotel!

  • July 28, 2018 at 2:07 pm

    This sounds so much better than the dirty and mosquito infested traditional camping. I really have to suggest this to my boyfriend.


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