Causes Of Asthma And Treatment

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Asthma, a condition that causes airways that lead to the lungs to inflamed as well as narrow. Because of this chronic condition, the airways are incredibly sensitive and tend to react to various environments. These triggers get triggered based on what’s in the environment and the person with asthma breaths it in.

When the airways come in contact with something it doesn’t like, the airways start to swell and narrow further. It also produces extra mucus resulting in the person struggling to breathe while the muscles around the airway tighten further to restrict the flow of air.

It’s not a very pleasant experience for those who have asthma and the main symptom that follows them around is breathing issues. From coughing, wheezing, general breathing problems to the person’s chest being tight as well.

What’s also important to note is some people have mild asthma symptoms. These aren’t as severe of course, but they only trigger during certain situations. For example, some people might experience shortness of breath after exercising. Others are more serious and need medication.

As for what causes asthma it’s not known. There has been research that suggests that asthma is genetic, but also comes into play based on environmental aspects. Upon birth, some children may be more at risk of contracting the virus. The chances of getting asthma are higher the more the child is exposed to allergens or other infections as well.

On a minor level, they can also be caused by various triggers as well. Some of the common triggers are things like tobacco smoke, air pollution, pollen, mold, physical activity, cold air and even food allergies.

When it comes to treating asthma, there is no cure at all for it. If you are someone who is experiencing asthma, it’s important to talk to your doctor who will give you instructions to better treat and manage your asthma.

When it comes to managing asthma it typically pertains to you avoiding the triggers of the asthma attacks. Furthermore taking medication in order to prevent or treat the symptoms. Some can even take asthma therapy too. The goal of it is to get the patient to be completely symptom-free.

Even though there is no cure, it’s quite clear there are medications and methods to help. When it comes to medication there two types: the quick-relief method, and the long-term method.

Medication for quick-relief is meant for those with acute asthma symptoms. One of those treatments is inhaling short-acting beta2-agonists which help to relax muscles around your airways. People who have asthma should always have an inhaler on them in the event they need it.

As for long-term medication, it’s taken on a daily basis to help with symptoms. Similar to the therapy, the medication is to help people be symptom-free in the end. One way they do that is by inhaling corticosteroids. These help in reducing airway inflammation and also makes the airways not as sensitive.

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    I was coming here to find out something new…but it’s all the obvious I’ve always known. I hate that having asthma means that all is repetitive.

  • August 26, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    They tried that with me…didn’t work. I’m just getting used to the fact that it will be this for the rest of my life.


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