Productivity Tips To Help You Be More Productive

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The world is filled with a lot of productivity hacks. Perhaps last year you tried a variety of hacks. Whether it’s finding a new approach to making to-do lists or adding to your morning routine, there are many ways out there to make your time more productive. Below we share a list of other productivity tips that you can consider.

One productivity tip is eating cake for breakfast. Now you don’t need to be eating cake for breakfast every day but the principal is still there. Cake is something that brings you joy. No doubt there are other foods you can have in the morning that brings you joy as well. The reason this makes our list of productivity hacks is because when you eating something that brings you joy, you are of course in a happier mood. This happier mood translates to our work, after all when we are happier we are more focused, more productive and engaged as well. It doesn’t have to be cake, necessarily…but something you truly love.

The second hack that allows you to be more productive is to have your day focusing on your toughest tasks. If you are a person who still uses to-do lists or an app that creates to-do lists, make a habit of putting the priority and hard work at the top. The reason this helps is by doing the hardest thing first you are freeing yourself from stress and worry for the rest of the day. This can help lift your spirits and speed up your productivity over time.

Another hack you can consider with your to-do list is to overload it. While it can backfire on you (some people may feel overwhelmed) if you train your mind enough, an ambitious to-do list, even if you don’t get through it all, can help in boosting your productivity. It follows the idea of 10X your goals. It’s the idea of increasing your goal by tenfold. While it’s not meant to overwhelm you, it primes your brain to think of creative ways to achieve those goals.

If to-do lists aren’t your thing, one smart tactic to have on your schedule is to set appointments with yourself. Some call these “deep work” sessions where you devote periods of time focusing on a specific task. Normally these are three hour-long sessions, some may do them for longer. Either way, these time blocks help you a lot if you have many commitments over the course of the day.

The last hack we want to offer is something called the five-minute rule. What this rule is, if you can do something in five minutes, do it now rather than push it off. The big reason this is important is that a lot of people clog up their to-do list with quick tasks that take five minutes to do. This doesn’t help you at all. Furthermore, by doing these tasks, they can help you move towards your big deadlines and goals that you have over the course of the day.

There are many hacks out there that can help you in more ways than one. But by employing these simple tricks, you can give yourself that extra minute edge that you need. Not only that but these tactics are easy to apply in our lives. Try them out and you’ll notice a difference in how you approach and do work.

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