Compliments To Tell Your Partner

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Compliments are small acts of kindness, but ones directed to your partner can help in so many ways. It’s one of the big things that every loving and healthy couples do.  It’s also a clear sign and nice reminder to your partner that you’re not planning on checking out of the marriage. Below are compliments that will not only show your love that you appreciate them, but that you love specific things they do.

The first is “I love how you look after our kids”. Of course, this is really fitting if you have kids to be looking after. The reason this is big is that when you become a parent and are learning to become one, a lot of us feel doubtful and insecure when it comes to parental skills. After all, there’s no “ultimate parenting guidebook” laying around for you to use so it’s always a mystery as to how well you are raising a child.

This compliment is simply a reminder that you have faith in your partner’s skills and that they are doing a good job. What is also good with this compliment is you can go into more detail as well. For example, compliment your partner’s dedication to helping the kids with homework.

The second compliment is “I’m so happy and grateful I married you.” You can alter it if you’re not married to say “I’m so happy and grateful we are together.” Regardless the compliment conveys similar sentiments. The idea behind this compliment is to remind one another why you got together or married. The reason this is so important is that so many people forget what first got them attracted to one another the first time. This can serve as a great reminder of that.

“I appreciate you” is the third compliment and is great in any situation. You can be more direct with this one as well, expressing appreciation for certain tasks that your partner did without asking. Showing this appreciation means giving recognition and acknowledgment of something they did.

“You are looking so beautiful (handsome)” is another great compliment to give to your partner on a regular basis. Even if they aren’t dressing to impress, we are still people who are conscious of our looks to some degree. Being told we are attractive is a nice compliment no matter the case. Get some bonus points if you are complimenting specific features. Particular if they are features that are appealing to the eye like a new outfit, a new haircut or a shave.

And the final compliment is “I love being around you.” This is a huge compliment for a variety of reasons as well. For one not only do we want to be feeling attractive, we also look to be appreciated by others and want our company to be enjoyed as well. Whenever you are out with your partner whether it’s a family outing or on a date, remind them of how much you enjoy their company and explain why. Whether it’s easygoing nature, their sense of humor or something else, make sure to make it clear.

3 thoughts on “Compliments To Tell Your Partner

  • September 3, 2018 at 11:13 am

    I live off his compliments. He’s been so busy and hasn’t been able to properly. I hope he understands how much I need them and it’s enough to fix any fight between us.

  • August 25, 2018 at 4:55 am

    I have a partnerbut she is always stressed out.hou do I claim her down?the stress is not letting her SLEEP. What can I tell her to calm her down?

  • August 22, 2018 at 8:59 am

    We need to give these reminders cause sometimes we forget how missed they really are.


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