Try these US cities if you want a romantic restaurant for date night

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Whether you are looking for a romantic date night or perhaps you are planning a vacation with your partner, we have some great restaurants to try out. This list is dedicated to specific restaurants that are perfect for a romantic evening of food, cocktails, and dessert. These restaurants were also based on data gathered by Yelp reviews.

First is Scottsdale, Arizona to a cafe called Cafe Monarch. It’s a fantastic gem in the city that offers a lot. Some of the reviewers noted the overall atmosphere of this place saying it’s a place to relax and where time seems to slow down. The service was fantastic and the overall ambiance of the dining room, the patio, and even the central fireplace give off a romantic vibe.  It is also advised to try out the roasted cauliflower soup while you are there.

Second on the list is in Chicago, Illinois, heading to Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf. There is a lot to be said about this place and the overall atmosphere. The place is romantic, but it’s setting a more dark mood with the lighting and the jazz music. Many reviewers note the overall mysterious and yet romantic vibes that this place gives off. There’s a level of class to it that is simply adored by many. Also when it comes to ordering food, do note that if you order certain salads or sides, they are portioned for couples to share.

If you are looking for something more directly romantic and intimate, one place that comes to mind is the Penumbra. Also in Chicago, Illinois, this place has several private tables that are surrounded by drapes. This design choice gives the restaurant a special ambiance and different experience than other restaurants. Furthermore, if you like unusual selections, the charcuterie board is full of them. All that being said, when it’s time to order, be sure to order the basil old-fashioned.

For more darker and sexier vibes, consider the Better Than Sex: A Dessert Restaurant. Located in Key West, Florida, this gives off a different kind of sexy vibes thanks in part to the dark lighting and pictures. What is also quite different about the place is the seating arrangement as the chairs are positioned side by side as opposed to sitting on opposite ends. All in all, it’s a treat and if you want to be getting in there faster, be sure to make reservations in advance.

The last on our list of a romantic date night is Gourmet Italia. Found in Temecula, California, this place gives off some family-owned business vibes. The reason being is that the staff are attentive, kind and almost feel like family. It’s like you are stepping into a local hem of an Italian restaurant. With a cute mini bar, lights, and their own live music, this place is good for a romantic night. What’s even better if that isn’t your thing, there is a separate room for those who want a more intimate and candlelight dinner.


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