Eating this way can change everything

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As our mothers once told us, we need to be eating our vegetables to grow big and strong. While this encouraged us when we were younger, a lot of have more than likely picked up some unhealthy eating habits as adults. But we can easily get back into a good eating habit cycle thanks to one technique. It’s called seasonal eating.

The practice has been long-standing. In short you are eating specific foods based on the seasons. As you may be aware, fruits and vegetables can grow year round and some are more abundant in specific seasons than others. Not only that, but there are specific advantages outside of just health benefits that you can benefit from seasonal foods.

One particular advantage is that they when eating fruits or vegetables in-season they are fresher. Because they are fresher they’re going to have more flavor and all around taste better. This is going to encourage you to eat more of those foods all around because they taste so much better. Better yet if you go to a farm where they are grown, you may have an opportunity to try out foods right from the source which are completely different than when you buy them at the supermarket.

Another perk is that it’s easier on your wallet as well. As mentioned above fruits and veggies that are in-season are more plentiful. Because the supply for them are so high, this directly impacts the overall price of them. Stores will lower prices just so they don’t throw out so much inventory. They may not go on sale, but if you keep track of prices from month to month, you’ll notice they fluctuate from in-season and off-season. All in all the in-season foods are going to be cheaper overall which is great.

If you are involved in the community, one other thing eating seasonal foods does is that it supports local farmers. Remember, not all fruits and vegetables come from vast distances. Some are made in your town or around the surrounding area. By buying foods that are in-season you are supporting them. This not only makes you happy but the growers behind it happy too.

Going back to nutrition, one other thing about fresher produce is that it’ll have more nutrients as well. It kind of goes without saying since the taste is all around better. It suggests that there are more nutrients in them. That being said, the higher amounts of nutrients are good tells for what produce is in season. Because of more nutrients, fruits and veggies will typically be more vibrant in color as opposed to limp and dried up.

Another great reason to eat foods in season is that you can avoid overseas contaminates. Remember, fruits and veggies are being transported from all across the globe. With this in mind, it can be safe to say that not all food preservation tactics are the same country to country. This means that countries may not have specific regulations for their soil or even what products they use to grow produce or preserve and protect them. All of that comes back to the consumer of the foods which can be dangerous for us. By eating seasonal, you’ll be eating foods that nearby and won’t have to worry about it.


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  • September 1, 2018 at 11:43 am

    I hope I can really dedicate myself to this. I really want things to change in this household.


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