Top 7 Places To Add To Your Travel Bucket List

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There’s always a new adventure to be had when it comes to traveling. Whether you’re someone who likes to wade through jungles and see wildlife or you prefer something more relaxing like walking through city streets, this list has got you covered.

Compiled by various bloggers, agencies, and journalists who have traveled around the globe, this list is but a small glimpse at what people have their sights on. If any of these strike your fancy, be sure to add these to your list to travel to.

Safari: Many travel professionals agree that this particular trip is worth doing. Heading to Gambia, Kenya or Tanzania, there is a great opportunity to witness wildlife through a safari tour. One that caught particular attention was the safari in Kenya which has giraffes.

The Bottom of the Earth: From warm to dead cold, the next trip that made the list is for those who want to venture out of the usual international trip is a trek to Antarctica. With the ice caps melting day after day, unfortunately, it’s a sight to see the frozen tundra of Antarctica while the massive ice caps still exist. Many avid travelers have seen them, and agree they are a must-see.

Head North: Still in the cold, but not quite as cold as Antarctica, is the northern parts of Canada, or heading to Iceland, Sweden, or Norway. These countries, in addition to reporting some of the highest “happiest quotient” and most livable countries, also give travelers opportunity to see the Northern Lights. If you are planning on traveling the globe, seeing Northern Lights is an experience that you shouldn’t pass up.

A Life Changing Experience: The fourth on our list involves those who love hiking and that’s hiking up to Machu Pichu located in Peru. To this day, the 15th-century citadel receives well over one million visitors every year. When people travel to Peru, this destination is typically the first on the list no matter if they’ve been there or not. It’s perfect for any photo shot you want to post on Instagram too. In addition to the great photo ops, many people make this trek to check out the lesser-known lost city and take in the site’s mysticism. All the more reason to check it out.

A Chance for Romance: If climbing isn’t much of your thing, you can still get your fix of walking by wandering the streets of cities. One that got particular attention was wandering the streets of Paris. Paris is already a massive place and exploring the local area is an adventure in of itself. There are many great places to take shots and it’s the ultimate vacation spot for couples, even if you’re not looking for romance.

Floating Getaway: One dream vacation that many have on their mind is the overwater bungalows. They’ve been popping up lately and ones that are getting particular attention are ones in Maldives, Fiji, and French Polynesia. Spending a night in an overwater bungalow seems to be a great experience.

The New Hot Travel Spot: The last one on our list is the landscapes of Iceland. There are many fantastic landscapes all around the globe of course, but many people have noted the fantastic spots that Iceland offers to those who travel there. From the hot springs to whale watching, to the unique architecture, it’s a great experience and deserves to be on your list.

Of course, there are many other fantastic travel places to check out. Which ones are your favorites from this list or in your life? Leave a comment below.

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    This helps me encompass a list of places well. It’s getting kind of loaded to just say ‘the whole world’.


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