Unbelievable! Good things that are happening right now

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There’s a lot of depressing news out there clamoring for our attention. From depressing or disturbing events to a variety of tragedies occurring all across the world, it’s easy to think that the world is doomed. Little do we know that there are a lot of positive things that are happening right as you are reading this!

Science is progressing, believe it or now. Like the fact that we are very close to eradicating a few diseases that have been plaguing our world. According to Science Alert, we are close to eliminating the Guinea Worm parasite and even polio! Last year there where only a handful of cases of these problems.

It is also nice to see that cancer deaths have dropped this year. According to Time, the rate of cancer deaths has dropped by 25% in the US since 1991. Also, breast cancer has dropped by 39% which is crazy! What may also be on the horizon is the research in Stanford where a “cancer vaccine” is currently in development and is being moved towards testing on humans!

The arts are thriving. What is also great to hear is that so many amazing musicians are out on tour this year. We’ve got some older acts like Shania Twain, but some others that are still on tour are singers and bands like  Lana Del Ray, Pink, and Maroon 5. These are only but a handful but there are so many out there. Not to mention all of the great local talent playing in every city in America!

Human Rights are moving forward. What is also heartwarming for those keeping an eye on the Middle East is that women in Saudi Arabia are now eligible to drive. With a culture that belittles and makes women powerless, this is a good step forward. It’s slow, but this is a sign that there is progress!

If you have been following the #MeToo movement that is thriving as well. More and more people have been standing up and voicing their experiences and are getting comfortable sharing those experiences. It’s a step forward at the very least.

If all of that isn’t enough for you, there are other countries that are taking big steps as well. Most notably is Australia which has recently voted to fully legalize same-sex marriage. It’s another step in the right direction with regards to marriage equality. We just hope that other countries will start joining in on this eventually.

Entertainment is booming. If you are a big fan of Disney there are two other things that happened. One is we’ve finally got “The Incredibles 2” which was very well received this summer after it’s been in the works for 14 years! Also, “Toy Story Land” has opened at Disney World to rave reviews

Poverty is decreasing. What is also encouraging is that there is less poverty in the world– in America specifically, the poverty rate is at it’s lowest point since the global financial crisis of 2008. On top of that, the poverty rate for children is at an all-time low as well!

As you can see, even if the world seems bleak, there is plenty of good that is happening. So keep your chin up. Humanity is still progressing.

One thought on “Unbelievable! Good things that are happening right now

  • September 1, 2018 at 5:31 am

    News outlet tend to focus so much on the bad, it’s nice to find if even a little corner for good things. I believe there’s more of it than the bad, but sadly the bad is what sells and people get their attention on.


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