A.J Francis VS. TSA: TSA Apologizes for Spilling Mom’s Ashes during Bag Search

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The world witnessed the lash out by New York Giants player, A.J. Francis against the Transportation Security Administration as he spewed expletives about the lackadaisical manner the remains of his mother, the late Carrie Leanne Francis who died on the 26th of June, 2018 was handled. The player called out the administration on Twitter sometime after the incident occurred.

His mother’s ashes were allegedly spilled while he was traveling from Los Angeles LAX International Airport to Orlando. The Giants defensive tackle was traveling to celebrate the life and times of his beloved mother with friends and family after her passing some weeks before the incident. This was disclosed in a separate Twitter post by the player.

He shared photos showing open luggage with what seemed like the spills of the cremated remains of his mother which stained his clothes. The words that followed the picture were heavily laced with profanity.

His comment on the TSA’s Twitter handle attracted their attention and a representative promptly replied with an apology promising that the issue will be duly looked into. The TSA spokeswoman reaffirmed that security screeners were all instructed never to open the cremated remains carried by passengers out of respect for the deceased. The policy of TSA further states that if it was not in an opaque container that could not be seen via an x-ray, it would not be allowed on board.

Apparently, the emotional player was not happy with their apology and behavior and this was evident in the furious reply he fired back. He shot back with a retort that said “under all circumstances, f**k yourself!). This could only mean that the emotional player was yet to come to terms with the behavior of TSA.

Social media has been agog with the news and the post has since gone viral. The incident has provoked varying replies. A lot of fans responded to the tweet by sending words of consolation to the athlete, praying that he finds the peace and strength needed to move on from the death of his mother. However, some others wasted no time in heaping criticisms and blasting TSA for their lack of professional conduct. His Twitter post of complaint against TSA has gotten more than three thousand retweets and more than six hundred likes.

For emphasis, the emotional player who was trying to deal with the loss of his mother pointed out that he was not angry with the TSA because they checked the ashes. He said he could understand if it was their policy. However, he was furious that they had not deemed it important or professional to ensure that it was carefully closed back after they dropped it. And the result of their carelessness was the spillage of his mother’s ashes on his clothes.

On the other hand, the Transportation Security Administration confirmed via a spokeswoman that they had not received any further information from the grieving athlete with regards the incident after his response to their apology.


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