Best cooking equipment essentials

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Whether you are a beginner or you are lacking the proper cooking equipment we got you covered. In this article, we’ll be looking at cooking tools that are the basis of the basic. Make sure to always have these in your kitchen.

The first essential tool is a stainless steel skillet. For beginners, we recommend the stainless steel skillet but there are other types such as the cast iron and non-stick skillet. Either way, you will need a pan of some sort to cook. With stainless steel, it’s great as a starter because it won’t ever stain or chip, and it’s pretty versatile in what you can make (excluding eggs basically). Cast-iron is a good choice for those who know their way around the kitchen and know how to care for it.

The second essential is a knife. Better a set of cutting knives. If you are a diverse chef (or want to be) a good investment is an assortment of cutting knives. Each knife is designed to cut certain foods and going for a batch will generally save you money long term. Just make sure you don’t go too cheap as the last thing you want is a dull blade.

The third essential is a cutting board. Specifically a wooden cutting board. Generally speaking, you want to be going for a walnut, hickory, or oak cutting board as they are quite strong and won’t warp when they get wet. Bamboo cutting boards also can hold their own and are sustainable. You want to avoid plastic or glass as while they may be cheaper, they can be dangerous if they get slippery and can also wreck your knives.

The fourth essential is an 8-Quart Large Pot. You might not think pots really matter that much but they are pretty big, particularly their bottoms. Depending on the bottom that you go with it’ll determine how heat is distributed. Therefore what type of pot you get will determine how its contents will cook. You want to be going for clad pots as they distribute heat evenly. For beginners, avoid the All-Clad’s as they’ll run for nearly $200. Instead, find an 8-quart pot which will run for half that.

The fifth essential is a large spoon. These inexpensive things are a godsend for various reasons. It doesn’t need much explanation.

The same goes for our sixth essential which is measuring spoons for those precise measuring moments.

Seventh essential is a sheet tray. Trays are necessary for baking and roasting and you can’t go wrong with these things. An ideal sheet tray to go for is the Chicago Metallic Sheet Pan. They are also called half-sheet trays if you are shopping at restaurant focused stores.

Eight essential to have in the kitchen is a peeler. Peelers are lifesavers in many cases as some recipes may require you to peel the skin off of vegetables or fruits. While you can use your knife, a peeler isn’t as dangerous and it’s a lot faster to use the Y-peeler. What’s also great about this essential is that they easy to handle and are quite cheap as well so you won’t feel bad if they go dull.


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