Things Every Travel Writer Must Take On The Road

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Thinking about becoming a travel writer? Before you head out on your first trip, there are a few things that you’ll want to take with you to ensure you can write from the road. Starting a travel blog is more than just writing about a few tourist spots. It’s about giving your followers an inside look at the places, the routes, and the experiences they won’t find in just any travel guide. Here are some of the tools I’ve found help me do that:

A Mobile Wifi Hotspot

Travel Writers

One of the first mistakes I made when I started travel writing was relying on public wifi. I paid for wifi on planes if the airline even offered it, but apparently, it doesn’t work when you’re flying over the ocean. Who knew? I’ve even gotten to an Airbnb that promised wifi only to discover it wasn’t working upon my arrival. That’s why I now always travel with my Netgear Mobile Wifi Hotspot. Once I got the hang of using it, it became a lifesaver on several occasions. Even when I’m at home, it’s nice to have this hotspot for times when there are power outages or rough weather in my area. I’ve worked straight through a hurricane without electricity until my laptop died. It’s connected to my AT&T cell phone plan, so I do end up using more data than usual, but it’s more than worth it when I’m on a tight deadline.

A Tablet

Travel Writers

I’ve used numerous tablets and tiny laptops over the years, always looking for the best way to take my writing on the go. While my laptop is great, it can weigh down my bag after a while. Currently, I’m loving my Amazon Kindle Fire as it’s light and fast. It allows me to have all of my Google Docs right at my fingertips so I can work anywhere, either online or off. I also love it because it allows me to stay on top of my Netflix and Hulu shows, read my books on Kindle, and share my writing with my followers on social media without having to lug around my clunky computer. It’s perfect for traveling.


A Bluetooth Keyboard


Like any professional writer, I need a keyboard to do my work and using the one on my tablet’s touchscreen just wasn’t cutting it. I recently purchased this Fintie Folio Keyboard Case for my Amazon Fire, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Not only does it serve as a hard case to protect my tablet when I’m on the road, but the keyboard and stand make writing far easier. Yes, the keyboard is tiny. But so are my hands, so it works for me. 

A Portable Charger

Travel Writers

Being constantly on the run, having a portable charger is absolutely necessary. I carry it around daily to charge my cell phone so that I know an Uber back to my hotel or Airbnb is always just a few finger taps away, Google Maps is always accessible, and my camera will still work. Having a portable charger with several USB ports allows me to charge my tablet at the same time, which is convenient when I’m held up in a coffee shop for a few hours getting things done. You can’t always expect an outlet to be available.

Some other things you might want to consider taking with you are a notebook and pen for when inspiration hits at an unexpected moment, or you meet someone you’d like to interview for your blog. A camera is also something you’ll want to have with you at all times. While I personally use the camera on my phone, some travel writers focus heavily on photography as well and bring more advanced equipment with them.

Thought of more items to recommend to writers who are heading on the road? Leave it in the comments!

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