Why You Should Be Trying New Things

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A lot of feel like we are living in a perpetual routine where we eat, work, sleep. It’s a vicious cycle that so many of us experience and it’s unnatural for us. At the very least we should be doing some different activities and getting out there right? Well whether you are someone who has a long list of cool stuff you want to do or you are stuck in that rut, here’s some reasons to go and break that pattern and try something new.

The first big reason is that you get to meet new people. Whether this is your first time doing this new activity or it’s been a long time since you’ve done it, you’ll always meet interesting and cool people. Everyone has their own experiences and of course personalities and this can help you in opening your eyes. Who knows, these people could be lifelong friends that can make you fall in love with your life all over again.

The second reason is that by doing something new you are allowing yourself to be more creative. When you have new experiences, you are able to see patterns in diverse things which allow you to become more creative. The late Steve Jobs was a strong advocate for all of this. In short, he explained it as the more experiences you have the more diverse connections you can form between things that may not line up with at first. For him, that was technology and liberal arts. In fact, creativity is our ability to draw connections between things that didn’t seem to be connected to at first.

Why you want to try something new is because doing something new will help you feel more alive. A lot of people think the days go by quickly or that time feels like it’s slipping away with each day. The thing is that those who are always doing something new feel more alive and in fact are more in tune with life. Only when you are trying something new will you learn to stop living in a rut day in and day out. Neuroscientists say that when we are in a routine we are feeding our minds the same inputs day in and day out so there isn’t anything new for us to absorb. As such our lives feel like they are going quickly because of that. By doing something new we are breaking that pattern which allows us to value each moment.

The last big benefit of doing something new is that you get to learn and you evolve as well. Albert Einstein said once we stop learning we stop dying and he’s right. But on top of that, it’s written in our own nature to realize our fullest potential. The problem is that when we are living a routine life we are numbing our mind and we begin to question ourselves and think if there is anything else more in life. By doing those new experiences we fuel our own curiosity but also forces us to push ourselves out there. By doing something new we have to learn this new thing but also learn about the world around us as well. Because of this we form new values and take those experiences to hear.


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