Vietnam’s New Golden Bridge Is THE new Instagram Shot

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Open as of June 2018, the Golden Bridge (also known as “Cau Vang”), standing at about five hundred feet long and three thousand, two hundred and eighty feet above sea level is indeed a sight to behold. Tourists have trooped in numbers to take selfies on this spectacular beauty and have given testimonies of the unique bridge located in Boda Hills in Central Vietnam.

The design of the bridge is made to look like the giant stone hands of a god holding a golden bridge and overlooking the Da Nang Mountains. Great points on the design and location! Walking on the bridge gives the feel of a casual still in the sky on a structure supported by sculpted hands and overlooking the lands of the Ba Na Mountains.

An amazing fact to note is that the bridge is located at the former site of an American base which was used during the Vietnam War. When tourists are asked about what attracted them to the bridge, they were quick to point out that it was the unusual structure of the bridge and its unique support which has never been seen before especially the two giant concrete hands emerging from the trees holding the bridge and pointing towards the sky.

Designed by TA Landscape Architecture in the city of Ho Chi Minh, the bridge has commanded a lot of photoshoots with everyone looking to capture its rare beauty. The bridge is not the only thing attracting tourists to the area, they also look forward to the perfect blend of city life, beaches, and the mountains. All these definitely keep them glued to the area.

It has taken the position of the world’s longest glass-bottomed bridge. A word of warning: do not look down if you are scared of heights and always hold tight to the railings! However, for those brave enough to try, they gushed about being able to see the beautiful city in all its colors.

Social media has not been left out of this frenzy as pictures and videos of the bridge has flooded the Internet and is being rapidly reposted. The fact that the bridge has gone viral was a shock to the surprise of the architect, Vu Viet Anh who confessed that he never knew their work would garner this much attention and earn a lot of positive feedbacks.

On a side scoop, according to the South China Morning Post, Da Bang is not going to rest on its oars after this outrageous bridge. They have plans for another sister bridge that will definitely be mind-boggling. The expected bridge is going to be in silver and will be designed to connect to the Golden bridge, looking like a strand of a god’s hair.

Well, no news has been released on the issue of the new bridge or when the project is expected to commence. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed and revel in the beauty of the Golden Bridge – the coolest bridge ever made!

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