Why I’ll Never Buy Dog Food From The Grocery Store Again

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My dog Daisy and I love to hit the road together, exploring new hiking trails, community parks, and giant lakes to swim around in. She’s a very active dog, even though her 8th birthday is around the corner, So when Daisy started taking the trails a little slower than usual, I knew I needed to act in order to keep her safe and healthy.
I raised my concerns to Daisy’s veterinarian, and after she confirmed that Daisy had no serious health problems, we had a long talk about what’s in her dog dish. As it turns out, I’ve been feeding my dear Daisy the equivalent of junk food for years. I learned that kibble can contain ingredients that dogs simply aren’t supposed to eat, like corn syrup and wheat, and a lifetime of eating those ingredients can seriously impact a dog’s health. It was time for a change in my best friend’s diet.
Our vet recommended Spot And Tango dog food delivery service to put the bounce back in Daisy’s step. She explained that Spot And Tango meals are free of a long list of ingredients that can be harmful for dogs like Daisy, including gluten, wheat, corn, soy, preservatives, and growth hormones. Developed by veterinary nutritionists, each meal provides the right balance of protein, fat, and fiber that Daisy needed for her health. Plus, Spot And Tango only uses USDA-certified, human-grade turkey, lamb, and beef in their meals, because just like humans, our furry friends need to eat high-quality food for optimal health.
The company boasts a 100% money back guarantee and an easy cancellation policy. With that reassurance, I felt confident that I could return the meals if Daisy gave them two paws down. The very next day, I signed up for a Spot and Tango trial. I chose the 42-meal sampler pack, which includes the Lamb and Brown Rice, Turkey and Red Quinoa, and Beef and Millet formulas. To my delight, Daisy gobbled up all three!
The best part, I got 50% off my first order and you can too!
Each meal comes in an individually-wrapped, vacuum-sealed pouch, which keep her food fresh without adding any harmful preservatives like BHT. The meals arrive every two weeks automatically, without needing to call anyone or click anything to confirm delivery. I can pause delivery at any time, too, so I don’t need to worry about the package sitting outside when I’m on a work trip.
Most importantly, I saw a change in Daisy’s behavior right away. She was back to her younger self only a week after I swapped out her kibble for Spot and Tango, running and swimming as if she was 8 months old and not 8 years old. Her coat was even shinier, thanks to the nutritionally-balanced meals I was giving her. Daisy got her strength and vitality back, and all it took was signing up for that Spot And Tango trial — the best gift I could have ever given my best friend.

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