Why This Deodorant Commercial Went Viral

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Deodorant has been a part of my routine for years: I wake up, roll it on, and walk through my day (pretty) confident that I smell more like roses than rotting flowers. And so far, so good, save for a few humiliating post-elliptical encounters, and that time last summer where it reached 102 degrees in the shade. How my deodorant works, though, is something I never thought twice about.

My curiosity was piqued when I saw a now-viral video which extolled the virtues of all-natural ingredients while skewering aluminum and other chemicals found in the brand I use every day. What could possibly be so bad about ingredients that were so effective?

The news about aluminum is… not good. As the active ingredient in most deodorants, including mine, aluminum works by clogging sweat glands. That prevents us from sweating properly, which we need to do to expel bad toxins and keep cool. I even read that aluminum could cause significant health problems. THIS is what I’ve been putting in my pits all these years?! I was truly disgusted.

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It was about time to give something else a try. With a satisfaction guarantee and easy returns, that “something else” was Kopari coconut deo.

Instead of preventing pits from sweating, Kopari’s 100% plant-based formula keeps pores clear while masking stink. The main ingredients, coconut and sage, are naturally antimicrobial and anti-bacterial, killing odors without any of those potentially-harmful side effects. Kopari is also thankfully paraben-free; parabens can live in tissue long after deodorant washes off.

A deodorant that keeps the funk at bay, without hurting my health? I had to try it.

The sweet coconut smell was the first thing I noticed when I twisted off the cap. The deodorant glided on smoothly, and it left no white residue in my pits or clothes. I also noticed that it felt soothing, which I literally never expected from deodorant. The coconut and sage oils have a conditioning effect in addition to being fantastic funk-blasters, so my armpits got the luxe spa treatment on top of daylong confident wear.

After trying it on, it was time to make the switch for good. After countless pore-clogging deodorant applications, it takes some time to clear all that gunk out. I read an article that broke down the armpit detox and followed Kopari’s official guide to armpit detoxing. After two weeks of exfoliating, applying clay masks, and upping my water intake, my pits were ready to roll. That’s when I turned on the auto-ship option, which regularly sends me new Kopari coconut deo at a 15 percent discount.

This is the first time a video made me reconsider something so routine. I’m not sure exactly what caught my attention — maybe the spot-on parodies of other deodorant commercials, the easy-to-understand way they explain the problem with drugstore deos, or that F bomb dropped right in the middle. Whatever it was, I’m glad I tuned in and switched to Kopari coconut deo — my armpits, and my long-term health, are thankful!

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