Struggling To Start A Conversation? Try These Topics

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Starting conversations for many people can be incredibly difficult. From getting the confidence to talk to people in the first place to the small aspects of conversation such as body language. But the toughest thing for most people is being able to have quality conversations with people and building meaningful relationships.

It’s for this reason why we want to be sharing some conversation tips by suggesting various topics to pick from. These particular topics are not only great for finding common ground but can also let people grow meaningful friendships.

Our first conversation topic to consider is movies. Everyone has seen films whether it’s in theatres or watching something on Netflix or Youtube. Videos and movies are a great way of figuring out someone’s taste in entertainment and you can find a lot of topic points when it comes to film. Some of the basics are simply figuring out what type of people or genres someone watches, but you can go deeper if you can find common ground through films. For example, if you both have seen or watch the same person, ask how they found them or why they watch them. You can also ask them for their opinion about various plot points.

Another good topic point is food. You don’t need to be a gourmet or foodie to appreciate or talk about food. This is similar to films in that you can talk about whether they cook or not, or what restaurants they have gone to recently.

The third conversation topic you can consider is digging into more personal territory but is still a great way to get to meaningful conversation topics. Those are vacation and travel plans. While everyone’s taste for traveling is different it’s always a good point to talk about vacation plans. It’s an opportunity for people to be excited and share that excitement with other people. It might not be a good bonding moment but talking about vacation can be a good way to break the ice and put people in a better mood.

Moving away from basic conversation points, you can go a little more personal with the next few. The next few topics are just as powerful and meaningful for a few reasons. The first big reason is that as you might’ve caught on, people enjoy talking about themselves. Up to this point, we’ve been suggesting conversation points where you get someone to tell them about themselves to you. This is important because no matter what you talk about you are putting them more at ease.

From this point, you can ask some of these other topics. The first that comes to mind is hobbies and interests. You may have figured out the person loves food or movies, but there are obviously more interests they have. Some may even have passions for things and talking about these hobbies is a good way of bringing that to the surface. On top of that if it’s a passion that catches your interest you can learn a lot of things from them through talking and sharing thoughts.

Another good topic point is understanding someone goals and motivations. Up to this point, they are where they are at thanks to the motivations that they have in their lives. Furthermore, their own experiences have brought them here. While most won’t share their entire life story to someone they just met, it’s a good conversation topic to lead to because you can understand a little about why someone is there. You also can learn about someone’s goals which can give you an opportunity to help them.

There are many topics out there to be talking about but consider these as a strong foundation for starting a friendship and conversation with someone. Remember though, throughout the conversation be sure to show a genuine interest and be honest with the person. It’s better to be honest than to be disrespectful.

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